Saturday, October 31, 2009

SEC Football, Friends and Flowers

October the 24th,
was a cold and rainy Saturday..
what better way to warm the day
than with a group of friends
and an SEC football game on the big t.v.!
Hamburgers were grilled
(under an umbrella)
a pot of gumbo was staying warm on the stove..
chips, dips, and assorted snacks
were spread on the table ...
waiting in anticipation of
Alabama vs. Tennessee.
Soon Benny and Juran arrived
with Jeff and Andy in tow.
Benny and Juran ,
being so thoughtful and sweet brought
a beautiful arrangement of flowers!!

Soon Richard arrived,

followed shortly by

Chris, Angela and their two young boys. the children enjoyed a few toys from the den

and snacks from the kitchen...

We truly enjoyed the company and good times,
we did miss getting to share the day
with Benito, & Exar and his family..
But maybe,
before to much water has passed under the bridge
we will do it again and they will be able to join the festivities..
The day is over..
the friends have gone home..
the memories remain
as do the
beautiful flowers!
Thank you!

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