Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Colors of Autumn Paint My World.....

November has come around so quickly
that I am ever so tempted
to lift the rug and see if some mischievous house gnome,
possibly swept
September and much of October underneath...
there by causing me to believe the
wayward months
had arrived yet possibly scurried away
before I could even begin to notice...
In the month of November
we celebrate
many, many birthdays!!
Nine ...

if you choose to count..

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Hersel Goodman

November the 5th

(take note of the fashionable young lady at his side...

Myrtle Robertson,she was to become his blushing bride!) November 6th

Molly Biddle

November 12th
Chris Ryan

November 12th
Eric Pemberton

November 14th
Rhonda Biddle Poe

November 19th
Zachary Slaten

November 20th
Mark Poe

November 21st
Randall Slaten

November 22nd
Laura Biddle

In the last several weeks
the short season of Summer in
New Hampshire
took it's leave...
Autumn came sneaking in
from the north..
it's southward bound trek..
becoming a most colorful trail...
deepening with each passing day...
Take a ride along with me
around Rye and into town..
to experience
the deep, amazing hues of autumn
that have painted my world!
In one of the slides Michael and I head north..
In search of the ever elusive Moose!
We found colorful leaves and ice cream cones!

One slide has music attached.
So, if you should grow tired of it or just desire the hush of a quiet moment...
then look and you will find in the top left corner
(of that slide show)
a picture of a speaker with sound waves
:semi-circles coming out of the front..
just scroll your cursor over that speaker and "click".
..that will turn it off giving you the desired peace and quiet...
Hope you enjoy some of our rideabouts!

Sunday Morning at the house before a rideabout...

Heading North...


Miss Bo-Bo

Does anyone recognise the door?
Could it be because it's not "Purple" anymore?
Yes, the wood stained door has made it's appearance
a wee bit earlier this season than last winter!!!
What can I say..
but maybe..
Bless their hearts!

Last Friday morning early we found
ourselves starting on a fourteen
hour trip to see Felice, Bill and
my little "sweetheart" Michael!
Chloe and Thibodeaux
love a road trip!!!
this time we went in the truck...
The last time Thibby road in the truck he weighed
all of thirteen pounds and would fit on the arm rest..
He has grown a smidgen...
but still wanted to join us in the front...
(don't take me wrong..the truck worked out just fine)
the Gamma van
(Puppy van)
with stow and go seats
was designed not only with grandchildren in mind ...
much consideration must have been given
to the chauffeuring of two small
"Regal" lap puppies..
such as mine...

Thibodeaux is seven months old..
eighty seven pounds
(a couple of weeks ago.)

The next day
Papa and Baba played golf
Michael, Mommy and Gamma
ate brunch at the River City diner
with a brief excursion into
At the toy store
shelf after shelf was laden with
"more" wooden train tracks
and more
"Thomas the Train" paraphernalia
We did our best to lessen their burden
and took a "few" more pieces home...
we "needed" more bridges
we REALLY needed that switching station!!!
Michael loves his trains!!

Such a cute Conductor!

That night was
I'll give you three guesses
what Michael dressed as..
and the first two guesses don't count!!!
Thomas the Train,
of course!!

With his Conductor hat, 'kerchief and whistle, too.
Sunday morning it was off to see our baby girl!
After lunch at the
Baja Bean
we stopped in at the "Mud House"
for a most exquisit warm cup of refreshment,
expertly drawn and prepared by the
friendly "Muddlings" themselves!

Carrie takes a call while Stinky enjoys
a long nap on her lap!

Monday morning ,we head "south" yet again...

Michael is tickled...
there are nice
"warm" thoughts about South Carolina
that creep into
our minds..
Front poarches, warm breezes, sweet tea,
grits, fried chicken, blackeyed peas,
Waffle Houses, Krispy Kreemes,
southern bar-b-que,
shorts in the summertime,
and fresh, sweet, good smelling
peaches, peaches, peaches

Monday afternoon we arrive!
Tuesday afternoon the business is done...
and we head back...
to arrive in Rye on Wednesday evening so
Mike can be in a meeting on Thursday morning!

Country songs have been written about this place...
"Sing sing Prison"

Hartford , Ct

We made it back safe and sound...
worn out and tired..
we seem to be caught up on our rest..
but, you can never , ever...
"catch- up" on enough
petting or enough cookies
for Miss Bo-Bo..
Maybe with the next posting...
enough hard facts will be at hand
in order for me to give an
accurate report on our
brief but fruitful trip down south!

Hope everyone had a
Safe and Happy

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The McAbee's said...

I am so glad to know that our cats are not the only ones that think they belong on top of the kitchen I want to come meet and play with your new puppy so bad.....he is such a cutie!!!