Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Castles,Kings and Knights...Oh, My!

Sunday, presented itself
to be a beautiful warm day…
a day just right
for a
A quest is very serious business.
On this particular Sunday
the quest undertaken
by the
Great Lord Papa
of the Realm of Ryan

the Lady Gamma ,


the Most Gallant
Sir Michael..

To find a Castle..
not just any castle..
a castle of old…
filled with kings, knights
and other wonders to behold!
Ahh, hope of hopes..
if we cross our fingers…
bow our heads
with a small plea,
cast our trust in the
Lord of the Realm of Ryan
who doth steer our
great white carriage .
maybe, just maybe

with all kinds of luck
on this bright and glorious
day our Lord hath made
we just might
come apon a castle!
Yes, a grand and wondrous
sight to behold…


After much “Talley ho”ing
and looking hither and yon…
what should we spy?
but upon a hill
set with a grand marker
announcing the kingdom of
Discover Mills
on the Way of Sugarloaf..?
But, a Castle !!!

Ahhhhhh !!!

The excitement that did follow
as the young knight
donned his
knightly garb , preparing
for an excursion
back, way back into the
time of Kings and Queens
of Royal fairs'
visited by the most gallant
of gentlemen..
the strong of heart, soul,
and might..
a kingdoms Knights…
to the tournament
we would go!!!

Upon entering the castle
many wondrous sights

we did witness!

Lord Papa & Sir Michael

Let the show begin...

The Magnificent Andalusians

The Royal Falconer Performs

Our Knight

of the

Red and Yellow.

The Knights Tournament begins


Below is a video I stumbled upon

on youtube

made at the very same castle ,

same show...

different day...

(they taped the show, not the grandson)


Sir Michael watched so closely he barely touched the bill of fare…

after departing from times

long ago and far away…

what more appropriate stop


“Burger King”

for a young knights meal

(kid’s meal)…

then we were on our way back north…

Might I add that

yes, indeed the young knight paid very close attention to the uses of the

swords and shield wielded

by the brave knights and

any “lesser” Lady Gamma

might have been taken out

at the knees by now!!!

Oh, and a much appreciative Thank you goes out to Aunt Carrie not only for the Knightly garb but, also for the foresight to buy the
foam stuffed sword instead of the cheaper wooden version!!!
(Ye Momma truely doth thank ye!)

If you want your children to be brilliant,

read them fairy tales.

If you want them to be geniuses,

read them more fairy tales.

~Albert Einstein