Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Fog Rolls In and Then We Roll Out.........

Last week all the moving plans
were coming together...
after considering the fact that we would no longer
be close to Petey's...
one evening we headed down Love Lane and then east on South Road..
toward the northern Atlantic shore...
The fog had begun to roll in, when I took out my camera
for a last few pictures...

We have always slowed to a crawl passing this golf course..
a snail dragging through spilled molasses could probably
give us a run for our money...
but, there must be something interesting in the lay of that land...
other than the way a fog will roll across it like a fuzzy blanket...

It was low tide for our last viewing...

low tide, fog and sunset made for an interesting subject
as we pulled over for a few last shots of
Rye, Harbor...

One day the moving company sent in the packers...
and then early the next day
in came the big truck and the movers...

Around 8:30 that night
the truck cranked up,
pulling away from Love Lane...
The next day our new adventure began...
Chloe, Thibodeaux and Miss Bo-Bo
accompanied me in the Gamma van..
to begin with Michael followed...
Being contrary to the talking lady (GPS)
Michael wanted to go his own way
so I asked him to take the lead..
this time no NYC, no GWB, and no Washington D.C...
she must have said
"recalculating!!" every few minutes..
at one point she repeated it so quickly
I feared she might suffer
a cerebral attack...
at least (I could tell) she was mad enough to spit!

We drove somewhere around 1040 miles in
one and a half days...
and in the end we drove into a bright and sunny day...
the sun spread a warmth across my face I
had not felt in several weeks...
Yes, we were back in the south!

Friday, the movers met us at the house and began to unload..
Neighbors would drive by throwing up a hand to wave..
as if to say
"Hey ,Y'all.. Welcome home!"
It feels so good to be back down home, again!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

As One Adventure ends...Another Begins!

April of 08
Michael came in and gave me a clue
as to where the next project was going to be was way far north..
to the east
and we would definitely have a
White Christmas

In May we "ran" up over the GWB

Past NYC, through Connecticut,
through Massachusetts
and into
New Hampshire...

Portsmouth needed an
addition to their hospital
little did I know that this shoreline would edge
my next neighborhood..

After hunting a house was found...

and after a "VERY" long
first half of the trip
Chloe and I slept
some on the second half!

We arrived back in Rye
towards the middle of June.
And our adventure began.....
We visited many places..
saw many sights..
learned a few things...
and experienced the "northern"
way of life...
Scroll down and
take a peek back
at several memories
from the times gone by..
while we lived in Rye...


First autumn
Chloe walks on the frozen pond...

We (Chloe and I)
learn we love
Rum Raisin Ice Cream

The day of our first snow fall

we go cut our Christmas tree...

When it started to November...

it hardly stopped till way on into March!

Christmas was grand!!

All the children came up to visit...
and it snowed....

and snowed..

New Years was a true celebration

snow turtle

snow angel
snow baby

Chloe loved the snow!!
It was a big job
to get her inside!

ended up getting right at 100 inches!
icecycles made quite a show

Chloe and "her" lime sherbert!

yes, Huntsville weatherman...
it does snow on the beach!

Wilbur, stayed outside my craftroom window
for months!
and Miss Bo enjoyed the fire

Tom would show up and plow the drive
with each new storm

the deer were constantly looking for food

March blew in like a lion...
(a Nor' Easter)

and then came april
and the rain...

May was still cold...

In May,
mother's day actually..
joined our happy pack...

At the end of May
we lost another long loved buddy...
past away in the last of May..

Carrie came to visit in the beginning of June..

a frog hunter at heart

and a wild turkey escapade
will not soon beforgotten

Thibby learns
to towel off after
a moment in the rain..

Michael finds me a very old
spinning wheel

the puppies greet Daddy!

The Braves come to town

Felice, Bill & Michael come back
towards the end of June
Boston Trolley tour

It's still cold in July

Michael turns 3

the kids say bye
Bo helps me sew

Thibodeaux continues to grow!
Thibby will sit on Chloe!

a snazzy pair

Whales are seen!!


Exar and his crew!

Autumn is coming on in
Mary and Cathy
join us for a whirlwind tour

SEC football get together

flowers from Benny & Juran

from my kitchen window...
Michael comes in with a new clue...
Guess how far Greenville is
from home?
It looks like we "may" just
beat the snow out of here this year...
It was beautiful..
and Chloe loved it...
as for Michael and me...

well, as always..

we'll grab hold and walk

if not run

into our next adventure!

See you soon..southern sun!


Give me a little while..but, soon all will be set up

and we will be blogging again!

...(Do you recon' a moose would ever get as far south as South Carolina?)...