Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Memory of Boo-Boo

"Little Man"
Came to warm our hearts
and our laps
around seventeen years ago.

he guided my way...
every morning
and for the most part of each day..

Though my heart is breaking I know
I will see him again ,
waiting for me, with Boudreaux
at the rainbow bridge.
May 29th , 2009
I love you little buddy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The turkey returns...and some more.

Our long week end started out with
quite a bit of excitement..Yes, the turkey showed herself again..
this time she had 2
big puppies in pursuit..
she is lucky the fence is in between

the best picture so far
and her head
is behind the leaves!

she flies up on the other side of the tree
and there is no way to get her picture...
But, wait...
the treasure she left behind is discovered
around front under a pine limb that has fallen..
clean up will not include this limb!
which guards over camouflaging her

I am afraid she has been
frightened off and won't return.

I stayed away from the eggs in hopes
her motherly instincts would
draw her back to nest ...
Standing it as long as I could..yesterday
I "snuck" , this time in my tennis shoes,
as close as I dared and
put the camera into the strongest
ZOOM ...

there she was!
and there she stayed!
we will keep an eye open for eight to ten
little chicks!
Saturday morning the puppies and I hop
into the Gamma/Puppies van
and head over to the vets..
It was time for all of
Chloes yearly vaccines
and time for a 9 week visit
for Thibodeaux..
he was also micro chipped
while we were there.
there were many new smells at the vets
but, the excitement soon wore off..
Chloe, knowing what lay ahead ,
was ready to go as soon as we arrived..
Thibodeaux ,
on the other hand
slept right through Chloes exam
and only awoke when he was picked up
and held on the table..
He got 3 cookies while going through his exam!
Chloe..did not mind..
she has NEVER accepted "vet" cookies!
When we got back to Rye
was working in the yard..
but, took a break
to practice hitting some golf balls
with a golf bat.
he had assistance...

And for Pap-paw
a quick few pictures taken at the job
this weekend.

When the fencing
was put up around the yard
for Chloe,
two of the fence post
fell on top of large granite rocks..
Michael brought home a rock drill
in order to finally set them straight.
his drilling assistant
abandoned him almost immediately..
continuing a vigilant watch over
his Daddy from the deck!

At one point he had stopped drilling
and was visited by both puppies
making sure that no harm had become him..
None had and that dastardly
"Thing" started its caterwauling ..
once again this time causing not only
the young Patou but also his
trusted mentor to vacate the yard and
again take up "watch" from the
elevated area of the deck.
yard work continued...

The summer
entry decor and the flag
were hung..

I must share this adorable picture!
Zachery is 6 months old..
he will raise his head and put those hands behind it
just like a grown man!...
I think he is trying to cross his legs!
This past holiday week end Jeff
went on a trip..
leaving Bosch with Benny once again...
I am most happy to report
that as of this week end a new leash
resides at Benny's, and Bosch
refrained from yet another
visit to puppy prison!
Over the last couple of weeks
we have talked on the web cam with
Michael several times...
When I was thinking in time..
I was able to snap a few pictures..
all be it the web cam camera is not as quick
or quite as clear..
and he is a wiggler!
here they are...
singing with his key board & microphone

color pegs..
yellow, blue, red , green...
trying to get into Baba's Dr. Pepper

Its so funny!
showing off some "good" peddling!
Then one day we got to talk to
Mam-maw amd Pap-paw Ryan..
I really do like this web cam thing!

This morning somewhere before day break
the rains set in...
did a fine job
of going out to
handle his business
and then coming right back in
until about the fourth trip..
he got a little side tracked
having to do
a little digging
in the ...

Its a clean
All the four legged babies are sleeping
as the sound of the rain gently hits
the deck..
I must get up from here and
be productive in some way
least I should snore...
I mean
lay down and doze along
with them!

till next time..stay warm & dry.