Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Call this one what you will....

Road trip...
this time we drove from
New Hampshire through
Mass., Conn., NY.,
Washington DC, Va., NC, SC,
Ga. and Alabama
then back again.
some pictures below in a slide from the road..
as in the words of a favorite
Robert Earl Keen
"The road goes on forever..."

Friday afternoon , May 1st
we loaded up the kittens
and took them for an extended
stay at the "Spa"....
The vet, or the kitten kennel.
Remember Mr. Boo-boo is a diabetic
now and
receives two injections a day...
alas no more kitty camping with parties
because the humans are gone!!!
Saturday morning Michael and I
start yet another road trip...
This time we need to go to Alabama,
to show our faces to our doctors
and have them tell us we are just
as in the infamous words of
Dr. Lejeune
"Old and Crusty"..
Three doctors are to be seen,
& one hairdresser,
one lawn mower is to be brought back..
(the one that is in Rye is a royal pain..
and I can't operate it...)
We leave on Saturday..stop at Felice and Bills
for the night,
(drive through hugs and kisses)
Sunday morning we head south again..
we have an appointment to meet
in North Carolina...
a wee bit out of the way,
but, defiantly worth it!!!
then, back on the road to Alabama..
When we arrive in Virginia
who do we see
at the front door?"Papa's truck"

Books with talking "pens" are
handed out to Michael
"Elmo", "Thomas the Train",
& "Backyardagins"

A camp chair found at the Christmas Tree Shop
was a big hit...
and so were Gamma's


Sunday in North Carolina
we finally get to meet and take pictures
of the best "blues buster "
(remember a few weeks ago when Michael
had a great idea to help throw off a case
of down in the dump-blues?...we had talked about
this before...but, this time we thought the time was right.)
At a farm on Red Gate Road
Michael, Chloe and I
the next member of our family..
still a little young..
he will stay with his mother and father
on the farm..
till Friday when we drive back through
on the way back to Virginia
and then to his new home in Rye...
Maximus & Seal
(Thibodeauxs parents)
(Picture borrowed from Rose Mary's website)

See ya Friday little Buddy!

Coming home to Alabama
in the spring time
once again we are reminded
of Mother Natures strength...
a big old oak tree at the
old school house,
across the field,
took a hard hit
during a recent storm,
taking with it the
big old swing set and monkey bars!

A yellow iris blooms in the back yard.

Our peonies are in bloom
Some of the rose bushes show off

Monday ,
we got copies of our
birth certificates
for passport purposes..
Being this close to Canada
we need to go take a gander
at what is there...
took care of a
few things around
the house..
and ate at
"Williams Bar-B-Que"
Michael had bar-b-que ,of course,
I on the other hand having been almost
the length of SIX months..
yes, I said six LONG months without
ordered the fried whole catfish..
Oh, Man!!!
I was salivating with anticipation..
each time a waitress sacheted by with
plates loading down her arm..
I came close to
wiggling out of my seat
with excitement
surely it was our order!
After what seemed an eternity
our plates arrived...
that warm, white flaky fish
tantalized my taste buds..
I was surely in heaven..
once again.
If ever we should get to the
gates of heaven..
and find them closed and unmanned..
a sign hung there will most likely read..

"Gone to the Tennessee River,

Catfishing..Back later,

Saint Peter"

was the day appropriated
for the haircut, color and such..
yeah, yeah I know you thought those
glistening locks that adorns my head
were natural..Sure..you did!
Mary Joyce, the young lady
that takes care of my hair for me
is anticipating the delivery
of her first born child,
any day now..
Miss Marley Reece.
We chattered up a storm..
as always..
she is also a "mama" to 3 dogs
We never run out of things to talk about!
I really enjoy our visits and I come away
in better shape than I went in!
Tuesday was more catfish..
this time for the two of us from Luna's..
Michael went to Birmingham
to see our family doctor..
I was hoping to join him but, the day had
been forecast for thunderstorms
and possible " tornatic" events.
Tuesday night we had sat straight up
in bed with a Thunder clap
slamming right outside the window!
So, I stayed behind to watch out for
"Miss Chloe"..
the storms blew in with a vengeance
causing Chloe and myself to take up the
old familiar position in the hall ...
me sitting in the floor,
with an ear trained to the "roaring" sounds outside..
praying for it to soon be followed by
the lone and weary sound of a train whistle!
I had no mattress thrown over me,
yet a big hearted puppy was ever vigilant
standing guard over me!
found us back in the B 'ham
for yet another round of doctors..
this time it was my turn..
after a mid morning appointment..
Michael and I stopped by
for their lip smacking,
finger lickin' ribs!
We had previously been
very afraid to go in on Mama
with all the "Big" Swine flu
scare going on..and us going to
different doctors offices...
no one had coughed, sniffled or sneezed ..
for that matter no one had even looked bleery eyed,
so sitting across the table at dreamland we decided to
get a 1/2 slab to go and venture north to Mamas.
My next appointment was that
afternoon in Cullman so we could make it up there
with alittle time to spare for visiting before we had to
hit the road again...
Well, you know how the story goes..
"the best laid plans of mice and men......."
We got the ribs...
and we headed north..
anticipating a nice little visit..
talking along the way..
watching the sceanery roll by....
the door was locked..Mama was gone..
turns out she had appointments of her own!
We left the ribs with a note hanging on the door..
She said they were still warm when she got to them..
After, my next appointment I helped Michael
get the lawn mower on the back of the truck...
Why do I always end up feeling like
Granny Clampet anytime I take a trip in a truck?
Well, at least this time I would not be
coming out of the church after our
daughters wedding to find a
"new" lawn mower ,
bought up the street at a yard sale,
adorning the bed of our pick-up
parked right out front, "almost" among the flower
drapped white picket fence seperating the parking lot
from the church yard...
Then off to Coach and Nancys house to
see Gennifer with baby presents
for little "Miss Mavaney Grace"
to make her precence known sometime around
the twentyfirst of June!
It was so good to see them!
Gennifer looks so good and seems
to be in wonderful spirits!
We look forward to a visit in July from Coach & Nancy!
Then over to the
Mamaw & Papaw Ryans for a homemade supper!
Michaels younger brothers Tim, and Chris joined us
along with Tims son Graham and Chris's two Justin and Daniel.
About the time we were leaving the table in came
Russel Jay with Kellsey..
They were just getting in from the awards night at the HHS
where Kellsey apparently made a big sweep bringing
home five awards!
Way to go girl!!
We hated to leave good company but,
Friday morning was going to dawn extremely early
and we still had an awful long way to go!


With a stop at "Hardee's"
for a biscuit and a cup of Joe
we head north once again.

Michael did such a good job of "strapping down"
the mower it did not wiggle the whole way!
Even across all of the NYC pot holes!

No Waffle Houses up north!

When we arrive on Red Gate Road
we are warned that this farm
is watched over by
Great Pyrenees!
That's Maximus telling us to beware!
He is a good looking boy!
We got there a few minutes before
Rose Mary
the wait was not long...
Then back to Virginia.
Its 9:00
But, everyone is up and waiting to meet
Michael is very "easy" with the puppy.

Joe, Joseph,and his friend Justin
come to meet Thibodeaux.
Thibodeaux takes to his new little "beginner"bed
like it has been his all along!

The next day we go to
Josephs ball game!

A spot of shade was found early!

talking to Uncle "Woe"

after the game, off we go to
for a visit with our Carrie.
She gets to see the three of us and
meet her new little "brother".
Must keep a close eye on that long legged pig!
It could be a troublemaker and need
a "big" shake every now and again!
and that dastardly blue cactus!
All this toy control can wear a puppy out!

Stinkey lounges on the stairs

The next morning we are back on the road
and some 12 hours later are back in Rye.
The puppies did great on the trip back..
Each time we stopped at a rest stop
that young man took advantage
and had no accidents along the way.
He found he liked laying across
the large arm rest with his nose under
Michaels arm and his legs hanging over into my lap.
On the deck in Rye

7 weeks old
Chloe watches over him
but, has not been playful with him yet

exploring the yard

Monday was a full day of being home
with our own fenced
in yard..
It started out watchful...
happily turned playful!!!!
Thibodeaux is a 7 week old
wiggling,bouncing,wagging,running, rolling,
jumping,wagging, barking, growling,
licking, eating , drinking, playful
bundle of joy!
The slide below contains
Chloe and Thibodeaux's first
(Chloe has really accepted him!)


Humor is the great thing.

The minute it crops up,

all irritations and resentments slip away

and a sunny spirit takes their place.


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