Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hugs in the Kitchen

O.K. girls do you want to cause some eye rolling

accompanied by an occasional moan

of delight?

Then it's time to pick some good old southern peaches...

you can do this in an orchard, at a fruit stand, or at your local grocers..

Just make sure they are good and ripe.

Now lets go to the kitchen...

Yep, you want to make 'em happy...

let me tell you somethin'

"The hugs in the kitchen are the best"!

Amaretto Peach Pie**


**Don't forget the pie!

8242010 006

Start out by preheating your oven to

8242010 028

350 degrees

6-10 ripe fresh peaches depending on the size

4 Tabls Butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 Tbls flour

1/2 tsp cinnamon

dash salt

dash ground nutmeg

1 Tbls Amaretto

2 Pie crusts

(homemade or store bought)

2Tbls milk

A good sprinkle of sugar

Line a cookie sheet with tin foil...

Prepare Pie crust and put bottom crust

in pie plate..

8242010 007

peel and slice your peaches..

In separate bowl combine

8242010 008 sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon, & nutmeg8242010 012

(Oh. boy a chance to use our handy-dandy

micro graters!!! )

In sauce pan over medium heat

melt butter...

8242010 004

Add peaches and cook just about one minute

8242010 013

Add sugar mixture

8242010 015

cook until thick and bubbly..

8242010 017 8242010 018

Remove from heat

Add One Tablespoon Amaretto and stir

8242010 022

Pour into awaiting crust

8242010 025

Vent top crust,

Apply to pie

8242010 030

brush with milk

8242010 032

Sprinkle with sugar.

8242010 035

Place in oven

8242010 038

and bake for 40 minutes

8242010 042

or until golden brown.

8242010 048

Serve with a drizzle of caramel sauce on plate

accompanied by

vanilla ice cream or whipped topping...



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Southern Girl...

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A southern girl knows full & well that she can open a door for herself...

but prefers the gentleman do it

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because it demonstrates

a sense of respect.

After all,

d n c 001

every girl (young or old)

wants to be treated like a princess.

cjs3 rb3 lisa gdmn

We know how to make sweet tea

and grits


while filling you in on SEC football.

dee cee 001 cmr7b

(the above pictures...are from Hanceville school..not Alabama or Auburn..just want everyone to play pretty, now)

mama n me 58

We pick our battles

and fight with the heart of a

pit bull while still

maintaining grace & elegance.

Our mystique is that of a

soft spoken, mild mannered southern belle

who could direct an army,

loves her momma and

will always be

daddy's little girl.


Growing up or

"being raised"

(as we would put it)

in the south my life has been filled with

true southern belles

Many ,through the years ,would come and go only touching the fringes while leaving a finger print on my heart & soul

Still others have stayed through the years enriching me with their

beauty, wisdom, strength and wit.

A few of many

true southern ladies that

have touched my life...

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mama 001b mryndoyle 7 10 09 Snead Cafe 025 ryn run 08 23b Melonie Ryan

cathy jean 002b


2010 Spring Alabama april may 469

And I thank you !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Birthday Visit

This past week end

we celebrated

the birthday of a man

that holds my heart in

his hands...

He is above all the most

wonderful man I have

ever had the pleasure of


He is my best friend,


Daddy to our children


Papa to our grandson.

Happy Birthday


7 30 10 wkend 003 7 30 10 wkend 006 We went to Virginia

and spent the week end

with our children.

The first morning we

had breakfast at the

"Chesterfield Diner"

Michael W. made

a happy plate

of his

"Gwaby & Bissits"

Then while Papa opted to

spend some quiet time

on the driving range

Felice and I took

Michael to visit

"Mr.. John", the barber.

7 30 10 wkend 015

Mr. John has been cutting the

Hall family hair

for as long as

Bill can remember.

7 30 10 wkend 060

Later, that same day

Papa met us in

Charlottesville for

lunch with

Aunt Carrie and an


on the downtown mall.

7 30 10 wkend 098 7 30 10 wkend 099

7 30 10 wkend 120

The Chalk Wall...

7 30 10 wkend 171

The Carrousel

7 30 10 wkend 201

Later that evening

Bill got home

and it was time for

Birthday cake!

7 30 10 wkend 251

7 30 10 wkend 257 7 30 10 wkend 258 7 30 10 wkend 259

Felice had made a most


"Pina Colata" Cake!

7 30 10 wkend 266 7 30 10 wkend 269 7 30 10 wkend 270

We were joined by

Joseph, Big Bill

and Joe.

7 30 10 wkend 272

All the candles were

blown out...

I sure hope his wish

came true!

Papa and Baba spent


on the golf course


Mommy, Michael

and I made the usual

Saturday rounds.

7 30 10 wkend 276

One tired little


7 30 10 wkend 281

Sunday morning,

we stopped by

Carrie's for a short visit

before heading back

south once again.

She had a new couch.

(which is why there is

a picture of an empty

green couch above)

7 30 10 wkend 284 7 30 10 wkend 287

After a short visit

and sandwiches from


we were on our way.

7 30 10 wkend 290 7 30 10 wkend 291 7 30 10 wkend 292

It was a very good

week end...


Miss Bobo waited

for us

at the house

and as always it

was good to

get back to her!

The groceries have been


laundry is caught up,

and now it's time to

bury my head in


and get some more

CEU's behind me..

then it's back to


sewing room...

projects are backing up.

Always, D. ♥

**...this however, does

not mean I have never

been pushed to the point

of threatening to brandish

a flip-flop and chase

him at least once

around the parking lot!