Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, at the beach

A few days ago Michael brought home a tub of
"Rum Raisin" ice cream...
but when he went to put it in the freezer
saw there was not enough room...
he deducted there was about one serving left of lime sherbet
and came up with a plan..
he would put the tub of lime sherbet
in the snow bank on the deck just out the back door.
Then sometime after supper he would retrieve
it and make a lime /ginger ale float.
turns out there was a "small" problem
with that idea...

Now, I would think
if someone put a bucket of lime sherbet
in "my" snow bank on
"my" deck
"my" back door
that they intended for
"me" to enjoy the sherbet...

as it turned out
so did Chloe.

Saturday started out grey and dismal
like so many of the days lately,
but by 9 or 10
the sun had broken through
and it was a beautiful day!
The days high had been somewhere
before daybreak..
and got colder as the day progressed..
another front from Canada
was coming in..
Michael had been on the job for
an electrical shut down and called to see if I would be
at all interested in lunch in town
and then a trip to Maine..

turns out Cabela's
(his favorite store)
was having a "BIG" sale.
Anyway, I regress...
when he picked me up I told him it
had been requested that I
post pictures of snow on the beach..
So off we went in the direction of the beach..
It has not snowed in a few days..
but there has not been a lot of melting
so maybe there would still
be some snow at the beach...

the house ahead was built in the
early 1700s

We are coming up on the ocean

you can see the suns glare off the water

the Atlantic is just on the other side
of the truck in the picture

Now we are on Ocean Boulevard headed
toward Hampton Beach

Seagull sitting on beach wall

this is not the brilliant white sand
most of you are use to at the
Gulf of Mexico..this is snow on the beach..

The sand up here is pretty brown..

our favorite Chinese restaurant..
the beach

a orange fence was put up after "season"
before the winter weather blew in..

It is low tide and in some pictures you can see where
the water has come up on the beach..
by seeing where the white snow meets the brown sand

walk way to the beach

headed north up 1A

beach wall to our right

on a continuous lookout for Seals & Whales

I wonder if they are headed to Savannah?

I wonder if I could catch a ride...
just as far as Tybee.
headed into town..

a bite at the
"Celebrity Sandwich Shop"

and then on toward Maine

and headed back home

It was wonderful to get out and about in the sunshine!

And until next time :

May the sun always shine on your windowpane
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain
May the hand of a friend always be near you
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Bye now.