Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas holidays begin 12 25 - 12 30

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year!

The love of the season shines through

in everyone smile.

Especially the bright shinning eyes of the children,

which are filled with amazement and marvel of

all the lights and miraculous

wonderment saturating their worlds

in this the most divine of seasons!

This year Michael and I spent our first Christmas day

without the children...

it was different, yet still a wonderful day!

That afternoon, we drove up to Dover NH

to pay a Christmas visit to

Michael's foreman,

Exar, Rosie,his wife , Avael, his 5 year old son,

and Luis.

We were greeted with smiles and laughter.

Avael opened his present,

a nerf gun,

with enthusiasm..and began pelting the walls

with little nerf balls,

he and Michael then put together a new puzzle

and Rosie treated us to a most delicious fruit punch!

When we left , we went on down the road to

Hampton Beach

to reenact a scene from one of our favorite

Christmas movies

(Christmas Story)

to the "Ocean Wok" for our

Chinese turkey...


Michael had the duck and I enjoyed the

Egg Foo Young.

We then drove up the icee beach road

back to Love Lane...

An early night was had due

to Bill, Felice and Michael would be

arriving the next morning around 8

at the airport in Boston!

Christmas day night looked

like Christmas eve in our house..

no empty paper and bows strewn

all about..

the stockings still hung by the chimney

with care..

for in the morning ,

the first group of children

would be there!

When the plane landed and they disembarked..

the three of them came out from

behind the security area..

Bill and Felice pushing the stroller

holding Michael...

He looked straight up into his grandfathers eyes,

grinned, pointed that little finger at him

and exclaimed with Glee


A smile no smaller than the

Mississippi River

lit up "Papas" face!

We left Boston, stopped at "Linda's"

(remember..the grits are not on the menu)

for breakfast...

Michael had traveled in his p.j.s

...what would be more appropriate?

all through breakfast he would touch his Papas arm and exclaim


When we reached Love Lane...

all the luggage was not yet in before Michael

saw his new trike under the tree..

a reindeer cap adorned his head for awhile..

some new boots!


he is pretty good at tearing off the bow and tag!

even puts them in the trash!

but, watch out..

when he is through with his..

he will clean up ALL the bows and tags under the tree!

A baby i pod..

That boy, loves music!!

2 new cds..

Baby does Bob Marley


Baby does The Beatles!
A key board with microphone..

Papa really enjoyed teaching him

to sing in the microphone...

Ladies & Gentlemen..

Elvis has left the building!

Michael tried out his new pjs that night

and slept with his snowman

The next day,

was time to try out the sleds!

Everyone was excited!

Michael was not so sure...

the scream was not in glee!

He road again with his Ba-ba..and was not as scared!

but, still not as sure about this

COLD white stuff..

the next time we sledded he went with his Mama and

there was no crying that time..

next year he will be a pro!

Gamma gives sledding a shot!

Michael goes again!

The next day we head north to Maine..

first L.L. Bean

then to Cabelas...

A manly man kind of day!

frozen water fall..

what a happy boy!


it is the end of December..

and we are in MAINE..

it is COLD ..

a kite boarder!!!

in the






At least his mother

will be happy to hear..

"But, Ma...I wore my coat!"


A speed walker.

People up here...don't seem to realize..

"Hey, its winter..Join the gym...

buy a tredmill.."

a slow walker.

a jogger.

did not see any bicycles...they usually

come out about dusk!


on up the intersate to Freeport

river is still frozen

wiggling and giggling

Bill, Michael, Felice


the boot

Then on to Cabela's

after eating at the

"Pie Place"

near Cabela's we headed back to

Each night as Michael

scurried up the stairs to bed..

he would make a stop at the top

by his bedroom door to be hoisted up in order

to throw more goodnight kisses over

the balcony to

his Papa and Gamma

below in the livingroom!


On the 30th we load up in the

Gamma van

and head to Boston to get

Little Sister, Aunt Carrie, and Patrick!

going south..the river is still frozen!

(It was on the 4th , too.)

After leaving the airport we went to the

New England Aquarium.

It was such a cold and windy day!!

Who would have thought that All

of New England decided to go to the Aquarium

on that very day!

The line was horrendous!

But, we finally got to see some fish!

Bill does a most excellent job

taking pictures..

I have borrowed some of them to

help show

our Christmas story of 08.

this is one of my faveorite

pictures of Michael at the tank

After, we left the Aquarium..

and escaped through


we stopped on the northern side of town

at a restaraunt that looked like a ship..

We all enjoyed our waitress..and the meal..

Michael got to see the Lobsters

in the tank..and at first look

said they must go


On arrival back in Rye..

More presents were


Michael got in the mood again and helped

with the bows and tags..

even a stocking!

It snowed all night and the next day..

When all were up and human..

(had their coffees)

we headed to Portsmouth

a quick stop by the job..

Michael Hall was wearing

new carhart overalls!

and needed to ride the buckhoist.

Then on to

"Muddy River Bar-B-Que"

for lunch.

The rest of the pictures will be on the next posting..

and if this time I have figured it out then it

will follow this one..

but, alas if I have not then it..will come before this one..

oh, go figure...

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