Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Continuing Tales of Thibodeaux

February is waining ,
and even though the actual days
of celebration have past
we celebrate these wonderful people of
February all year long!!!
Bill Hall
Happy Birthday Bill!

Sean Biddle
Many happy returns , Sean!!

and we will always
remember Mam-maw,
Minnie Robertson.
The continuing tales of Thibodeaux...

The seventeenth of February
Thibby turned eleven months old..
and has been a part of our family for the last
nine months...

When Thibodeaux first came home with
us he was a little baby of
around 13 pounds,
with about 52 pounds of

Over time he has continued to grow..
not only in size and personality
but also in our hearts!

All Great Pyrenees are extremely intelligent
and have been over the multitude of centuries
that they have befriended man and tended
their flocks...
whether those flocks be sheep, goats, llama's...
or the families they live with..
Thibodeaux has many breed traits
that he shares with his sister
Chloe as he does with other Pyr's.
To name a very few..
The Pyr pat,
(A tap ,with their big paw to draw your attention..
which with age "becomes" a gentle tap)
barking as he exits the door,
(to warn any predators that he is on the job
and they need not come around)
Not running to you immediately when you call out his name..
(they will think things through first, and make a decision
as to if that is actually what they should do...)
and many, many more..
and yet
Thibodeaux has also developed
his own
very large personality.
Thibby keeps us grinning,if not out & out laughing..
he is still a puppy
and still thinks of himself
as a
"lap puppy"
With great regularity he still visits my lap,
to sit a short spell and be petted...
upon occasion he has been known to push his
luck with older sister ,Chloe, just a bit to far
,for an older woman's nerves,
so that when she jumps up "fussing"
he has bound straight into his "Mama's" lap
(with the speed and agility to out shine any toy poodle
or miniature wiggler I have ever known!)
He is a very loving boy!
The other day I happened to have the camera in hand
when he decided it was time to sit with Daddy..


***Last week our Thibodeaux
spent the night with our new found vet...
(whom I might add I dearly love..they work with the
Great Pyrenees Rescue here
and not only have treated Pyrs before but
also have a love and understanding of them..)
back to the story,
Thibby went for....... "tutoring"
and when he came home he seemed to have learned
more than he had planned...
Bless his heart..
it itched and he did not want to leave it alone..
so now he is having to wear the
or lampshade as we call it...
with another follow up visit this coming week
to see if we might rid ourselves of this headdress...
Due to enduring such atrocities,
and to help as a distraction, he and Chloe now have "Kongs"..
which regularly get filled with "cookies"
and peanut-butter...
Thibby LOVES his Kong!!
he has gone and brought it back ,
dropping it at my feet for more..

maybe having to wear a lamp shade is not..
all bad..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow for Chloe and Thibodeaux

So far this winter
and I do mean everyone,
has had an uncanny amount of snowfall,
that is except for
Greenville and it's surrounding area's...
It would snow inches to feet anywhere else
and we would get rain...
I had come to the conclusion that this
area should hence forth be known as the
"Mud Capitol of the World"!
Miss Chloe being the "Princess" she is
will go out and come back with
the very pads of her "tiny" feet dirty..
only to walk them across the
entrance rug,
placed there just for that type of thing..
well, let's put it this way..
he is all
little boy!!!
on a wet and muddy day
he seems to see the back yard
with it's one water hole and one muddy spot
as an exciting amusement park
filled with fun and adventure...
he will run laps around the yard,
making sure to pass through the
water hole with each lap,
thoroughly soaking his under carriage..
then to the muddy "spot"
(a place about twice his length in diameter)
to stand and "Scratch off"
causing mud to fly..
clinging to his back legs and to his belly...
I am not all together sure which he considers more fun..
the mud or the clean up before he can
get to far in the the door...
let me add here that
at this juncture in time at least
my boy has NOT
decided to lay down in the mud and

then last Friday afternoon
we saw the first few
snow flakes..
I did not hold my breath..
deep down I knew it would not last
and the yard again
would be transformed into a muddy
theme park..
But, lo and behold!!
what should happen?
yes count 'em,
four wonderful inches
of pure frozen clean white snow!
It was Thibodeaux's first real snow fall !
It accumulated
covering not only the red mud
but also the whole yard,
the neighborhood,
the streets and the whole town...
this snow stretched to
Charleston and they even got
right at an inch in
Chloe and Thibby loved it!!!
And so did I!


Saturday morning yard inspection...

Here comes the sun...

As the warm beds across the neighborhood
gave up their slumbering children
to dress in layers of warmth
topped off with knitted boggins,
Not only did snowmen start appearing
across the neighborhood
entire snow families ,
along with
snow forts with snowballs stacked in
hurried piles beside them..
The air was filled,
not with the usual sound of the rhythmic bouncing
of the basketballs
with the "Splat!!"
of a hurled snowball,
fired at ones best buddy!
Each thrown snowball
followed with joyous laughter
boastful promises of the next ones flight path
and estimated landing pattern.
playing opossum...

now, that's a big snowball

a look out the front door

The "Princess" looks out the back door

"Snow in the South is wonderful.
It has a kind of magic & mystery that it has nowhere else.
And the reason for this is that it
comes to people in the south not as the grim,
unyielding tenant of Winter's keep,
but as a strange and wild visitor from the secret north."
Thomas Wolf

And now so Miss Bo-Bo
won't feel neglected and forgotten..
a slide ...
She is closing in on eighteen years
and for as long as anyone can truly remember
that tail has been following her around
and upon occasions going so far as to
taunt and aggravate her...
which inevitably leads to..
"The Great Chase"
also known as
"Catch Me if You Can."
She usually catches it ...
for a moment or two
then it
always slips her clutches..
only to continue it's close game of follow the leader..

p.s. Does anyone know where they might sell mud flaps for...puppies?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Melting Snow with Warm Memories of Tybee

In the past few weeks
old man winter has blown
his frigid breath across the
southern part of the United States.
Not an unheard of occurrence..
yet , with this ferocity
a rarity...
snow and ice have continued to
the neighborhoods,highways and byways
of the
southern and northeastern states..
with the first storm came the
excitement of
snow cream, snowmen and school cancellations...
however,as time passed the local
weathermen seem to not only
give fore warnings of the next upcoming blizzard...
but also reminders to their
viewing public that they are after all
just the messenger...!
Our children in the southern state of Virginia,
like the rest,
with the first snow had a very big time...
They would call and giggle,
tell of fun adventures and fun in the snow...
in the days that followed
digging out and getting over icee roads
seemed to wear down their glee...
So far this season Charlottesville
has received fifty-five inches..
(Yes, Virginia, you are a southern state!)
Carrie found herself a foot
as the snow and ice trapped her vehicle ..
and covered the roads...
off she trudged through and over the snow to work..
now, add more snow and ice..
five hours of shoveling yesterday and what happened?
stuck in the mud...
not to fear a tow truck man was near..
Felice drove through blizzards
so as to make it to work...
yes, now the grumbling is well underway...
the children are no longer thrilled by their winter wonderland..
Michael is always such a happy boy!!!
He loves to play and giggle..

with their first snow
he had plans for
hours of uninterrupted winter fun glee!

a BIG snowman
was going to be built..
so big
he said it would eat pizza!

again this year the snow was not
quite wet enough
and the annual "snow turtle"
made his debut.
Joseph pitches in and helps with the construction

early training
Bill starts to dig out.
With the next storm even Michael's
excitement seemed to wane..
after five minutes
playing in the snow he told his mommy
he wanted to go in
and when asked if he wanted to play outside again
he let them know..
he wanted to go fishing...
When it warms up,little buddy, when it warms up.
warmth , sunshine, and fishing..
these thoughts steered my mind toward
our time in
Where all winter was flip-flop season
with fishing
off the tidal river basin docks
and off the pier at
February 2008

I love pelicans!

dolphins swam by several times
that day
but alas, my older cameras response time
was not fast enough.

Warm weather ,sun and Tybee

In August
the girls made a quick trip to
(sometimes you just have to gather up and check on the old folks)
which included
a couple of impromptu visits to the beach...

an impromptu dip

Mike and our girls


Headed to Tybee from Savannah

I wonder if that feighter is headed toward NH?

In November

Mary came to Savannah for a visit


fishing from the pier

are you feeling warm yet?

a pelican!

Bill and Felice came to Savannah
for Christmas..
what did we do on Christmas eve day?

went fishing!

(feeding the birds...birdman?)

Look at that baby grin!

She had the BIG catch of the day!

and who should fly over?

why..Santa Claus ...who else?

and then a beautiful sunset...

I hope where ever you are..
if the bitter cold is knocking
at your door...
if snow and ice are beginning
to make you grumpy...
that this short walk
down my memory lane
has helped kindle the spark
of your own memories ...
be it
lifting your face to the warmth of the sun
or the ocean foam sliding
over your toes
helping bury them in the warm sand...
whatever it might be
I hope this has helped you remember
and made you happy!