Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow for Chloe and Thibodeaux

So far this winter
and I do mean everyone,
has had an uncanny amount of snowfall,
that is except for
Greenville and it's surrounding area's...
It would snow inches to feet anywhere else
and we would get rain...
I had come to the conclusion that this
area should hence forth be known as the
"Mud Capitol of the World"!
Miss Chloe being the "Princess" she is
will go out and come back with
the very pads of her "tiny" feet dirty..
only to walk them across the
entrance rug,
placed there just for that type of thing..
well, let's put it this way..
he is all
little boy!!!
on a wet and muddy day
he seems to see the back yard
with it's one water hole and one muddy spot
as an exciting amusement park
filled with fun and adventure...
he will run laps around the yard,
making sure to pass through the
water hole with each lap,
thoroughly soaking his under carriage..
then to the muddy "spot"
(a place about twice his length in diameter)
to stand and "Scratch off"
causing mud to fly..
clinging to his back legs and to his belly...
I am not all together sure which he considers more fun..
the mud or the clean up before he can
get to far in the the door...
let me add here that
at this juncture in time at least
my boy has NOT
decided to lay down in the mud and

then last Friday afternoon
we saw the first few
snow flakes..
I did not hold my breath..
deep down I knew it would not last
and the yard again
would be transformed into a muddy
theme park..
But, lo and behold!!
what should happen?
yes count 'em,
four wonderful inches
of pure frozen clean white snow!
It was Thibodeaux's first real snow fall !
It accumulated
covering not only the red mud
but also the whole yard,
the neighborhood,
the streets and the whole town...
this snow stretched to
Charleston and they even got
right at an inch in
Chloe and Thibby loved it!!!
And so did I!


Saturday morning yard inspection...

Here comes the sun...

As the warm beds across the neighborhood
gave up their slumbering children
to dress in layers of warmth
topped off with knitted boggins,
Not only did snowmen start appearing
across the neighborhood
entire snow families ,
along with
snow forts with snowballs stacked in
hurried piles beside them..
The air was filled,
not with the usual sound of the rhythmic bouncing
of the basketballs
with the "Splat!!"
of a hurled snowball,
fired at ones best buddy!
Each thrown snowball
followed with joyous laughter
boastful promises of the next ones flight path
and estimated landing pattern.
playing opossum...

now, that's a big snowball

a look out the front door

The "Princess" looks out the back door

"Snow in the South is wonderful.
It has a kind of magic & mystery that it has nowhere else.
And the reason for this is that it
comes to people in the south not as the grim,
unyielding tenant of Winter's keep,
but as a strange and wild visitor from the secret north."
Thomas Wolf

And now so Miss Bo-Bo
won't feel neglected and forgotten..
a slide ...
She is closing in on eighteen years
and for as long as anyone can truly remember
that tail has been following her around
and upon occasions going so far as to
taunt and aggravate her...
which inevitably leads to..
"The Great Chase"
also known as
"Catch Me if You Can."
She usually catches it ...
for a moment or two
then it
always slips her clutches..
only to continue it's close game of follow the leader..

p.s. Does anyone know where they might sell mud flaps for...puppies?


carrie said...

i would check the tractor supply company. : )

Donna Jane (Gamma) said...

you're funny..but, ya know you might just have something there!!!!!!!