Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Winter Storm Was On It's Way......

Wednesday ,Thursday & Friday
the local weatherman
continues to warn of an upcoming
winter weather deluge...
A dreaded fierce frigid winter storm
packing snow and ice
was headed across the midland
of America..
leveling it's monstrous gaze right on us!!!
I took immediate heed and
an inventory of cuddle duds was performed,
next a Thursday trip to the grocery store
(to beat all the "Milk and Bread" crowds of Friday!)
and Friday morning
an early trip to Wal-Mart..
(One must show ones self there regularly so as not
to have its picture published on the side of a milk carton)
and then time to hunker down
and prepare for the mother of all winter storms!
the dread that coursed through my veins!
We, like the white tailed deer in Rye
had turned tail and "run" south
when given the chance..
(giggling, might I add)
leaving all that bone chilling cold
foot after foot of snow behind!
and yet,
here it came ...
well, at least Chloe would enjoy it
Thibodeaux would get to see his first real snow!
Saturday morning,
somewhere between five thirty and six
Thibby hit the foot of the bed
his need to go outside...
a quick vote was taken and Michael won,
so I got up and accompanied the boy
to the downstairs door...
Chloe remained behind on her bed..
she has always been a VERY GOOD sleeper!
Watching him venture out on the deck,
he walked gingerly , head down
inspecting the cold white substance on his deck...
"Hmmm wonder how it taste?"
then with a quick few licks
ran down the stairs
to frolic in
about an inch of sleet...
After taking care of his business..
he could not wait to run inside
and back up the stairs ,
Jumping up on the foot of the bed,
only be "Shooed" off by Daddy..
but, no amount of shooing
was going to dampen his spirits!!
Oh, no..
not with a whole inch of white cold stuff in the yard..
over and over again he
stood beside the bed and with that big puppy foot
slapped (Pyr patted)
his Daddy on his slumbering shoulder...
"Wake up, get up, get up, get up..."
Wop, wop, wop,
"You want to see this!"
As, Michael gave up the sleeping ship and began to sit up
it was Chloes turn to be roused!
A few playful nuzzles and pats
and she to left her nice warm comfy bed...
and downstairs they trudged
to the song of the morning
coffee pot..
Daddy took his cup to his chair...
Chloe joined Thibby at the back door
and out they went..
After close inspection Chloe
seemed to wonder why all the fuss and
why she wasn't still on her cozy bed...
but, being the good sister she is she frolicked a moment
with the boy then sent him out to play
as she settled down to keep her eye on him
and the neighborhood from her
perch on the deck!

Yes, it seems we dodged the bullet once again.
it was reported
only some twenty miles north..
they got about a foot...
As for myself...
I think the good Lord must have figured
we had seen our share last year...

As it was we hunkered,
had a pot of vegetable soup and a pone of cornbread...

stayed warm...

read a book...

dried off a wet puppy ,
many times...

all in all
(shhh..don't tell)
...I would have liked a "little" snow...
Be sure and check in on
General Beau Lee, PhD for today's
official "groundhog" forecast..
just click on the site below:
be sure and read all
about Beau...
Hope all y'all stay cozy and warm!

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