Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Crime spree,a pizza, Battlestar,and a jaunt..

Good Morning from
those of us
New Hampshire
This past week started out
rather news worthy..
We were told before we
came to the Portsmouth area
that the crime rate was
pretty much kneel,
zero, nothing..
that the occasional crime spree
would be something like
an over zealous teenager would
get their hands on some beer
and be caught over indulging in the
forbidden brew...
We have come to believe this might be
just a little over exaggerated..
Now, let me tell you the story of
Bosch is a teenage German Shepard
that ventured north with his master,
Jeff, one of the young men that works
with Michael..
(War Eagle!!,Jeff)
anyway, last week Jeff
was out of town on a
(somewhere in Europe with his girlfriend)
Bosch was spending time at Benny's house...
as the story goes..
each time Benny would let Bosch out..
Bosch would take care of business then come
right back in..
until Thursday night that is...
Bosch was let out,
He was no where to be found
Benny looked & looked
reportedly until 11:30 that night
still no Bosch!
The next morning rolled around,
still no Bosch!
Eventually, that teenage puppy
was found...
He had spent the night
in JAIL..
Yes, teenage Bosch
had been locked up!
He was fine..very tired..
apparently sleeping in a puppy jail
is not near as comfy as curling up
near a trusted friend!!
All said and done Bosch is fine..
Now, remember what started this
story of Bosch going to jail?
Yep, the wild and rampant crime in this area..
Last week in the local newspaper
the police report was
Bosch and his incarceration!
Bless his heart!
When last Friday rolled around
Michael asked if I would
like to eat out..
He was reminded that the
"series" finale for
"Battlestar Galactica"
(a 2 hour event)
was to air that night and the
whole day on the SCIFI channel was a
Battlestar marathon..
so , plans were made and procurement
brought in for the creating of homemade pizzas!!
What could be better
(in New Hampshire)
than homemade pizza in front of the t.v.
with one of your favorite shows!
We had fun..

The whole crew gathered in the living room

(pictures found on the net)

That weekend we drove up into Maine,
Chloe road along..
she had never been to Maine!
On the trip we went up 1-A along the
coast as we so often do..
always hoping for a seal sighting..
always keeping an eye peeled
for that ever elusive moose!
I have talked about
Kittery , Maine
and its outlets..
leaving Portsmouth
you travel across the draw bridge
and then you arrive in Kittery

Joe and Brandy have an Apt. here on the Maine side of things.

Dunkin Donuts are every where you look
everyone seems to think they are out
of this world..
Recon how they would react to a
fresh, hot Krispy Kreem..
I am afraid it would probably
cause some seizure activity!
Bless their hearts!
On into Maine..
I know you have seen pictures
of this route before..but, for some reason
the color of the sky, the color of the water,
the reflection of this and that, the spray from
a wave..
something in them made me want to share these..
so here we go..

Seals have been sighted here in the past

..just not by us..

Murphy's Law:
While you are in the next state
craning your neck and squinting your eyes
always vigalent for a seal sighting...
you will sight one
at home,
on the telivision,
on the local evening news

where a seal was sunning
Seabrook Beach practically in your own back yard!
(it is a public beach and apparently the Seal
was a bit uppity about sharing its space..
fussed at the beach it too, made the news!)

Chloe loves to ride!!

Jones Berry Limeade!!
can you guess what that is out there?
more snow


there is still some snow that has not melted,
there is outside the side door
out the kitchen window

the pond is still frozen


A peek into the
upcoming week...

this week end is the
New Hampshire Maple Weekend
They are opening the sap houses
all over the state
for the public to be able to watch and learn
about the gathering of sap and
the "sugaring off" process..
Some faires or festivals are being held
around these..
Sap gathering contest,
obstacle courses for teams of horses,
syrup samples, hayrides, refreshments
maple syrup on snow, ice cream, pancakes,
donuts, candy, and in your coffee...
I am going to keep my hopes up
for good weather!!
A good bye wave from
our Michael W's
favorite literary character


Be careful about reading health books.
You may die of a misprint.
Mark Twain

He that would live in peace and at ease,
must not speak all he knows nor judge all he sees.
Benjamin Franklin....