Thursday, March 12, 2009

The first sign of Spring hit me SMACK between the eyes!

This past week end there were
signs of spring...
the first sign that hit me smack
between the eyes
was a week ago last Saturday
while on a weekly outing
The bright colors...
pink, blue, green, purple, red,
yellow, orange and turquoise
made me do a double take..
yes, I stopped dead in my tracks,
and low and behold...
there on isle number what-ever it was
were the brightest and boldest,
#1 first sign of spring...
Wal-Mart puts out the flip- flops!

This past Saturday,
the weatherman called for warming temps!
Michael and I got a pretty early jump on the crowds
and headed downtown Portsmouth
for Breakfast at the
"Friendly Toast"

We realized ,
as we walked from the parking lot
to the main street ,
that we both
had been showing our wilder sides
while dressing that morning!!
We had come very close to being down right
Michael had donned his "regular" shoes
and me..
well, if you had seen me you would
have thought me perverse!!
I wore
shoes with absolutely
no back-up..
And even though you could not have told
just by looking ..neither,
let me repeat neither one of us
sported long johns!!!
waiting for a table..

if you go to the "Toast" on a
Monday - Friday visit..
its a take a menu
and seat yourself kind of place..
but, on the week-ends
the line is usually out the door
and up the street..
We were early enough that we stood inside!

Michael browsed a local publication
as we waited..
at the table.

The first time we came to the "Toast"
I tried
"New Hampshire's Finest"
which is a scramble with asparagus and
local goat cheese and toasted homemade bread
(sliced about an inch or so thick!)...
this is absolutely my favorite
although I have ventured out and order other
enticing items..
We had a wonderful day...
driving around and running errands..
just spending the day together..
Once we past a bank with the big
sign out front with the time/temp displayed..
next thing you know we will be swimming!!!


The week end was full of outing for everyone..
the spring warmth seemed to get
everyone out and about..
I have received several cute pictures over
cell phones and gotten a few over the web cam..
Take a look below and see

Michael gets ready for the day..
His Baba caught him
applying some of his Mamas
(they see and imitate everything!)

Saturday they went to many sales
at the big outlet mall
in Washington D.C.
they shopped till he dropped!
I went there once and felt the same way!! Sometimes dinner just needs to be in front of the t.v.
instead of at the table...
every Sunday there is a show with lots of cars..
all they do is drive in circles and make loud car noises...
but, to a little guy
(and most of those big guys too)
that's right up there with
shows about tractors, or music and dancing!!! Sunday, the Hall family had a surprise visitor!!!

Aunt Carrie
drove (by herself)
over for a visit !!!
We are all so proud of her
we could just about


Every week I get to see and
talk to my sister Mary
on the web-cam..
It is really nice to have our morning tea
and get caught up...
even if the biggest news is
what each others cats have done now!
I sure enjoy seeing her as we talk...
sometimes Doyle walks in for a quick "Hello"
It helps knock down some of the old
"home sick blues"
that occasionally try their best
to sneak right on in.
Maybe someday my other sister,
Elizabeth ,will join in on tea time!

With 2 days of warm weather we had
a pretty big Melting...
at one point Sunday morning I
looked out toward the
Koi pond
(have not seen the pond ,itself, since last fall)
and there sticking its frozen looking nose
out of the snow was what
seemed to be a
Could our little frog of the pond have
frozen out there?
Could it be so preserved just in the
cold and snow?
And...just how "big" had it been?
I worried over that frog...
as the day progressed and more snow melted
I saw more of the frog...


Monday morning brought ...
you guessed it.
It snowed all day long..
we got another 7 to 8 inches..
The afore mentioned "frog"

I had forgotten about the little frog
statue that graced the side of the pond!
some good things about snow...
it makes it easier to see into the forest
and watch the deer... a new blanket makes everything look clean
calm and peaceful...

It's not mud...

it makes Chloe real happy...

It gives me a reason to stay in and work
on projects..
May I reiterate it really makes Chloe happy!
Monday was her 6th birthday
and that was about the best birthday present
a Great Pyrenees Princess
could get!


I spent the last 2 weeks working
on a project that will be sent to
some friends that just had
their second little girl
a couple of months ago.
(I am kind of behind in my projects..)
When, I know they have received it
then I will post pictures ..


While taking pictures of the
afore mentioned project
I snapped this one of the little desk
in the living room..
(Sister had wanted to see it..)


The paper whites today...


Each day I listen for the
of the telephone..
the ringing of the web cam.
I watch for notes sent by email
snail mail..
all of which help stave off the
Yet, I know the sun will come back to stay
(at least after the muddy season)
and I will be able to drive down the road again..
to see and hug my family!
until then..

Michael and I will continue to wait
and watch for
more signs of spring.

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