Monday, January 25, 2010

The Magic of Michael

The week following
our three year old grandson
came for his first true
solo visit...
Papa & Gamma'a house...

Our week was filled with fun!
We played and played.
And when in need of a brief rest
Michael would sit in his recliner nestled
between Papa and Gamma's
larger ones.
His Aunt Carrie
had given him a most handsome
dragon puppet for Christmas,
along with a Puff the Magic Dragon
book and musical cd...
His dragon frolicked with him around the house,
and each night after his* bath and reading
his bedtime story..
*( Michael was not the only one that got VERY wet!)
off they would go to the room across
from ours
as each night he would announce
it to be
"Michael's room!"
There amongst all the wiggles and giggles
Peter, Paul and Mary
crooned to the soft rhythmic guitar strumming
about Puff and little Jackie Paper
frolicking in the autumn mist
in the land of Honalee.
While at the house
durring the day
Michael stayed extremely busy...
Three train tracks filled the house..
Thomas and his wooden track
covered the den floor,
Santa's train encircled the Christmas tree
and in the dinning room
the extra leaves were removed from the table
to make room for the electric train...


Our week with Michael flew by

way to fast and then the next thing you knew

it was time for him

to return home to his Mommy and Baba...

Papa and I sat back in our recliners..

put up our feet and sighed..

now for some rest..

and yet,

as I sit and close my eyes

a smile will creep across my face

and I will find my toes tapping to

Peter , Paul and Mary as they sing

"Puff the magic draron lived by the sea..."

in the far recesses of my mind...


looking forward to our next visit from Michael!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's get back to blogging...

It's been quite awhile since
I was able to post anything new
(with pictures)
to this blog...
turns out the old computer
,all of at least four years...
(how ancient!)
was SO full it would not hold another thought
or picture...
Therefore , Michael brought home this "new" one
and said..
"now..that one should last awhile..."
it has four or five times the memory
of the old one...
(I forget the word so I say a memory the size of a triceratops..
the word starts with a "t")
I continued to wait to post to the blog ..
due to the fact that
1/2 of my Christmas pictures
are being downloaded from the "old"
computer to a new "triceratops" backup hard drive...
but, alas it is taking so long I am afraid
that the "Chuck" at the Greenville Best Buy
must have more important "undercover spy" work
to take care of than my computer order...
So with what pictures I do have at this point..
let's get back to blogging!
Today , first off
I would like to share an educational slide with you...
This first slide shows you how to
put on your socks and shoes,
each and every morning ..
with a lot of help..
Thibodeaux is "always" a BIG help.

And a second slide,
just to share our Christmas morning..
We were so fortunate that Carrie
got to spend Christmas with us this year!!



Happy Birthday to all our January celebrants!

(Sorry, your pictures remain at Best Buy!)


next time will be Michael Hall,

a week at Papa & Gamma's house..

Love to all! D.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

If the thermometer had been an inch longer...

Today I find myself still,
unable at this time to use pictures
from "my" computer
to upload to this blog...
yet, beginning to feeling the "itch" to post something...
I began to wonder if..
I could somehow do re-runs...
So with the cold spell that has
"plagued" us this last couple of weeks
I wanted to remember and appreciate the
wondrous warmth of the south,
so I am going back one year
and visiting
New Hampshire in the
second week of January 2009...
and you know what..
I already feel warmer!!!
(so let's see if this works..)
If the thermometer had been an inch longer

we'd all have frozen to death.-

quoted in Mark Twain and I

This morning started out at a balmy


the local weatherman

claims the next 2 nights are to be

-10 & -12

This past Sunday night

Michael grilled our supper...

Monday we awoke to more snow.

Now we are experiencing

an Alberta Clipper...

I hear that as far south as home,

people are also

feeling it ..

I am not sure how to show



an icicle hangs outside

my craft room



it's still there.

On the brighter side..

at least

the job was not further north

in NH..

-35 in Berlin.

And the
Mosquito Index
is low.

Michael is coming down with
a cold..

I foresee a week-end

under his fleece throw by the fireplace.

Shut the door.

Not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the cozyness.

- Mark Twain's Notebook

Y'all stay warm!