Thursday, January 14, 2010

If the thermometer had been an inch longer...

Today I find myself still,
unable at this time to use pictures
from "my" computer
to upload to this blog...
yet, beginning to feeling the "itch" to post something...
I began to wonder if..
I could somehow do re-runs...
So with the cold spell that has
"plagued" us this last couple of weeks
I wanted to remember and appreciate the
wondrous warmth of the south,
so I am going back one year
and visiting
New Hampshire in the
second week of January 2009...
and you know what..
I already feel warmer!!!
(so let's see if this works..)
If the thermometer had been an inch longer

we'd all have frozen to death.-

quoted in Mark Twain and I

This morning started out at a balmy


the local weatherman

claims the next 2 nights are to be

-10 & -12

This past Sunday night

Michael grilled our supper...

Monday we awoke to more snow.

Now we are experiencing

an Alberta Clipper...

I hear that as far south as home,

people are also

feeling it ..

I am not sure how to show



an icicle hangs outside

my craft room



it's still there.

On the brighter side..

at least

the job was not further north

in NH..

-35 in Berlin.

And the
Mosquito Index
is low.

Michael is coming down with
a cold..

I foresee a week-end

under his fleece throw by the fireplace.

Shut the door.

Not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the cozyness.

- Mark Twain's Notebook

Y'all stay warm!

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