Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Moment in Time...

Two thousand and nine
slipped in on a cold and snowy night..
rushed right by me
leaving my head in a whirl...
Yesterday , seems it was slipping in
it is creeping out...
a new year waiting in the wings..
to come rushing in...
not stealthy on the hushed whisper
of snow to lie in drifts..
but, on the flash and thunder
of fireworks.
Accompanied by the promise of
a new beginning..
a better day, a lost pound,a kinder thought...
May the new year come around the corner
lighting your home with love and glee..
tonight and all year through!

post script...
Christmas pictures will be posted
as soon as my computer comes back from the shop...
such as trimming the tree with Michael W and his Mommy,
Carrie here for Christmas, and Michael W. back for a week...
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and that y'all have
a safe and happy new year! Much love, D.

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