Monday, July 27, 2009

Scattered & Smothered...

Looking at this month through the rear view,
it has been a month unlike any others
we have had in a long, long while...
This posting puts me in mind of an order you
might recall hearing
while in a Southern "institution"...

Waffle House:
"Scattered and Smothered!"

The pictures will start on the afternoon

of July 3rd...

when we take Bill, Felice and Michael to the Boston airport

for their trip home....

in not a handful of days we receive news

about my sister-in-law

and pack up heading to Alabama...

(Felice and Michael fly ahead of us and meet us there)

While there we meet Miss Maveana Grace ,

and have a birthday dinner for Felice at her Grandparents.

Felice and Michael fly back to Virginia on Sunday...

Michael and I take care of much needed business and head back on Tuesday..

Thirteen hours to Felice's house..

Appomattox Court House on the way...

no time for sight seeing..

this trip

but a few quick pictures in passing .

That night a celebration is in order!

One year ago to the day

they got to wrap their arms around Michael

for the very first time!

So dinner was had at the Chinese restaurant


The next morning very early we again head north...

in order to make a long trip shorter we try an almost new route...

traffic in D.C. was horrendous!!

and the new route while ..

maybe shorter in miles

was filled with small towns and two lane roads..

road construction and a sundry of other obstacles that turned the usual

twelve hour trip into one of fifteen and a little.

I would like to report that

Thibodeaux was a Champ on his first true

really long road trip!!

After a few days back friends and neighbors from home come to

Boston for Seminars and site seeing..

then I picked them up on Wednesday afternoon and brought them back north

were we had an evening meal at "Petey's"

A car was rented to finish their vacation...

It was so good to see Coach and Nancy...

and to meet the couple with them,

William and Sherry!

They spent Thursday exploring the coastal region of New Hampshire

and Maine,

visiting many light houses and such..

then on Friday they went to the White Mountains...

Saturday morning it was time to fly back to Alabama...

They were only in New England for a very short time..

I was remiss in taking out the camera..

while we were enjoying their company

So, I have posted one of Coach and Nancy with Miss MG

when she was brand spanking new!

I do look forward to any pictures they will share from their trip!

So, as I said before..

somewhat like the hash browns at Waffle House,

my thoughts and pictures of this posting are rather scattered..

but, please do remember..

they are smothered rather than with onions...

with lots of love!

Good byes tug at the heart!
Headed south...

Chris and Miss MG

Peep-pie boo!

(It's funny how she got older than me!?!)
north once again

Our buddy!

we forge ever northward

Washington D.C. traffic

York Pa

Pa..the state of silos!!!!
Bless their hearts!
(It's a Southern thing)

(Did I feel like buzzard bait sitting in traffic?)

I want to see !!!

Look Carrie, Pirates in Pa.

Are we there yet?
How much longer till we get there?

Except for the "tropical" part
I have come to believe we are in a rain forrest!!
All it seems to do is rain!!!


Nancy , Coach and MG
Guess who?

As Thibodeaux has aged and has been growing..
Chloe puts him in his place with just a little more "spirit"
however she is still extremley patient with him...
lately he has started
"sitting on her head"
yeah, you read that right...
if they both have a chew bone he wants hers..
and if he gets hers, and she takes the other well..
he wants "that one" instead...
sometimes she just lets him have the chew bone
..and sometimes he plays a game to get it...
if he aggrivates her just enough to make her jump up and fuss..
he will swoop in on the prize!
Just enough head sitting or tail pulling and you just might get the prize...

I imagine Fairies and Gnomes living in the yard...

they are all tired...
and sleeping...
it's time for bed.
Miss Bo-Bo on her stool
Still it rains...

a little boy likes to play outside!
Rain, rain go away...Litl' Thibby wants to play...

nap time all around

The following pictures come from a month
of web-cam video shots
so some maybe a little blurry especially when wiggle-warts move!
Watch out for June Bugs!
Is it Patches or P.J?
Baba's hat

Our American Idol
New swimming gear!

"just one minute"
what a kiss!
so much fun!
big boy bed!


Till next time...Our love!