Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday ! aka.. Happy Cup Cake!

The month of July
is very important to us..
We, as Americans,
celebrate the birth of our great nation!
And those of us connected by blood, marriage, and love
celebrate several birthdays of family and dear friends
we hold very close to our hearts!
This post is to recognize those July birthdays!
On July 1st we celebrate the birth of our
Michael William Anwei Hall

July 1, 2006

God Bless America!
On July 11th
we celebrate the birth of our
first baby girl!
Jasmine Felice

July 11, 1975
On the 19th
we celebrate a young lady
that has brought a lot of love and happiness
to our family,
Mary's granddaughter,
Lauren Fagen
On July 19th
I also celebrate the birthday
of a very dear friend
Pat Simpson
Happy Birthday , Pat!!!
At the end of the month
we have the occasion to celebrate
the birth of a man that has brought so much to all our lives !
He goes by many names:
Michael, Diddy, and Papa

Michael David
July 30th
Happy Birthday!
This year
we had the honor of sharing
the day of July 1st with
Michael W.
More pictures will follow in the next few postings of how he spent his day..
(at the "Rye Fire Station", the "Children's Museum" in Dover, NH)
but for now I will post this short video of him and his cake...
(the story of this poor "bulldozer" cake will also follow)
I tried with no luck to edit it down to just the song and blowing of candles
but, have not figured that out yet!
So, please disregard the "smurf" sounding voice in the background
(that's me)
and if you notice someone sounds like they are on the speaker of the telephone
(that's Aunt Carrie...She helped us celebrate!...)
Happy Birthday Michael!!!!

A wave from
our two birthday boys!!!

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