Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday morning,June 27th
making an early trip
to Boston Airport
we find
Bill, Felice and Michael
coming to visit
the "Mam-ma" and Papa
in the Granite state for a week... First, a stop at the
"Drive in Diner"
to sample their local color and fare..

Michael shares Mam-ma's ginger ale

A trolley tour was taken next..
around the historic parts of Boston..
Michael was extremely good
for the whole two hours..
(both of them!)

We ended the trip at "Wings Your Way" in Rye
where Michael enjoyed chicken tenders and then worked
on a wing!!!
He and our waiter became quick friends..
"Justin" asked if he could have him!
We said "NO"..
but I offered him our last wing.
Since the airport..
little time has presented itself for
posting on the blog..
early next week I will catch up on the
tour of Boston and all the happenings that
followed through the week!!
I would not try to speak for everyone
but, as for the
she is having one
Michael works on that wing!

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