Saturday, June 6, 2009

Turkey Chase

Friday mid-afternoon
Carrie and I
are pulling back into the drive way from
a pleasant outing..
when looking over her right shoulder
into the front yard
she exclaims
"OH, Momma...they have hatched!
Look, look little turke-letts!!"
I put the van in park
pulled the camera out of its case
and told Carrie to roll down her window..
even with the "zoom" on highest
I was not getting the best shot ..
so..ever so quietly I opened the driver's door
and crept quietly out...
with all the stealth these old creaking bones
could muster I slinked along the front and then
the other side of the van...
a few shots of baby turke-letts
were obtained...
Now, I should have been satisfied
and very happy with my pictures...
but, as a soft sweet voice whispered from
her window..
"I dare you...I double dog dare you... to get closer"
greed and stupidity over took
my very being.
Now, I knew how wild animals can be about protecting
their territory..and I personally knew
how when threatened a
mother of any species can become a wild cat...
so with all this in mind,
what did I do?
Get back in the van?
Oh no,...
tippy toeing ever so gently through first the gravel
and then up and around through pine straw and twigs
on the other side
I prepared my self for the best "turke-lett"
pictures ever!
Watch out Marty Stouffer*
*("Wild America")
here I come!!
At first she stood up...
best picture I have gotten of her to date!
well lets put it this way..
have you ever
seen a
Wild "Mama" Turkey
spread her tail feathers and wings,
bobbing her head back and forth
making some unintelligible* loud noise
as she ran/flew at you with
murder and death
streaking from her eyes?
*noise unrecallable due to the loud SHRIEKING
coming from my own throat
as I ran/jumped across the yard/drive way
with her in hot pursuit!!
Chloe just on the other side of the fence
went into a barking frenzy!
Emanating large, loud warning barks
at the rage stricken mother turkey in pursuit of
Chloe's own momma...
She did sound as if to say..
If you make me tear down this fence
I WILL have a nice turkey dinner!
and that I believe was my saving grace..
as I ran right toward my little
puppy Chloe...
My other darling child still
sat in the van
paralyzed ,
not by fright however,
instead by peels of laughter ...
Aww, quite a show we must have put on for our Yankee neighbors!

Carrie continues to laugh and snort...
"Had not the turkey been in hot pursuit ..
It would have looked like
I was trying out
for the "All Rattler Marching Band
at A&M"...
and as for the noises her Momma bellowed forth..
well, she says Jerry Clower would be proud.
Michael..did ask
why I got no pictures after she stood up
and began the pursuit..

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