Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Excursion to Fenway Park

Fenway Park

was erected in the times of middle earth..

(I know these things..by the fact that the grand stand

was erected before "people" grew above the height of 4'10" tall..

no one else could possibly fit these seats of dwarfish stature!...

my knees were smashed into the seat back just in front of me and

as for Michael..

well, his legs would have hung off the seat front in the next row..

all that aside it was an experience to remember )

Just visiting this relic of yesteryear

puts one in a state of mind to pull out the

panama hats, suspenders and cigars!

Actually built in 1912 it is the oldest professional ballpark still in use..

a quick note of interest..

the oldest professional park left is

"Rickwood Field" in Birmingham Alabama..


And for those,that want their pictures

to be still and in color..

Let's go to Boston..

to Fenway Park

were the Braves play the Sox's

The young lady that sang our national anthem
did an amazing job!!
I was delighted to hear her hit every note
right on key..
a true feat in of itself...
you could place her as a native Red Sox's fan
by her accent...
each and every word ending in an er..
the "R" was dropped and eloquently replaced with
the New England
(Maine, Vt., NH, and parts of Mass)
such words as
Star..becomes "Sta-ah",
so its
"..sta-ah spangled bann-ah yet wave
oo-ah the land of the freeee
and the home of the
brave! "
Oh, but no fears..
the New Englanders are a very
conserving bunch...
when they drop those many r's,
they scoop 'em right up and put em in their pockets
to use at a future time...
where you would least expect them...
such as
"Get yo-ah hot dawrgs right he-ah!"
listening to this accent is quite amusing!
Now, multiply it by many thousand,
add hot dogs, crackerjacks, funny smells and beer
what do you have?
Fenway Park..

Time spent with Michael is always the best..

As for on the home away from home front,
it has rained and rained and rained some more.
The highs staying in the low 60's...
having to stay inside
the puppies think of it as
sleeping weather...

...nap time..


Bill, Felice and Michael
fly in this week end..
maybe the rain will let up
so we can go outside and play!

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