Thursday, June 18, 2009

This past week...and the week end to come

This coming week end
Michael and I will venture forth
to Fenway Park in Boston
there we will cheer on
our favorite baseball team The Braves!!!

as they meet the
..Boston Red Sox..
I was just "Whoaing"


Miss Bo-Bo is staying close and keeping a pretty
close watch over me..


Thibodeaux has several toys..
and on a very frequent schedule
the sense has to be shook in to either
this one or that one...
but, here lately he seems to have grown
a fondness toward the green smiling
squeaky dachshund ..
if it is in and he is out..
or visa versa..
he will come to the door and bark or knock
to be let in ..
running to it for retrieval
then making his way back outside
dachshund in tow

He is growing by leaps and bounds..
and he is "bouncy"!
Day before yesterday he was 35 lbs.

Look Carrie,

he sticks out his tongue in his sleep, too.

Just like Chloe...

Ever since I was so young I can barely remember
I have always longed for a "Spinning Wheel"
I don't remember the why of it,
its just always been so..
Last Saturday I had errands,
Michael had errands
and so we went in two different
Meeting back here at the house ..
Michael proclaimed we should go "out" for lunch..
little did I know what he really had in store
for me!
So we headed out to the "Ocean Wok"
with a slight detour...
Look what Michael had found!!!

My spinning wheel

This type is known as the "Great Wheel" or "Walking Wheel"
It came from a family home here in Rye built in the early 1700's
and had been there as long as anyone knew..
it was in need of some cleaning and tender loving care..
Monday, I am pretty sure I cleaned at least
200 years worth of dust and dirt off of it!
Next a good wood sealer or wax of some kind..
will have to do some research..

I am so tickled I have pinched myself several times
just to make sure I'm not dreaming!!!
is my dream come true!


Goldfinch outside my kitchen window

If you blow it up and look real close this one is
collecting Pyr hair from the deck..
makes for nice fuzzy nest..
they usually pick up tuffs of it
(where Cloe has "blown" her under coat)
(spring shedding)
making them look like little old men with white beards.

the Peonies are in bloom


Yesterday afternoon,
Chloe and Thibodeaux laid around
in the yard..
I caught about 20 minutes of "lazy"
rolling and playing
with the camera..
way too many pictures to post..
a few won't hurt...


Every afternoon when
Michael heads home
as he turns off South Road onto
Love Lane
Two sets of ears prick
and two puppies jump from what ever they are doing
to run to the back door and expect entry
in order to hurry through the dinning room,
and down the hall..
there to wait at the top of the steps for their
to come in,
each expecting a good head rub!
Thibodeaux is learning to
"sit" & "lay down"
we have been working on stay...
but, that's so hard to do when
you are such a young boy full of


Whoa,Whoa, Whoaaaa...

(I was just whoaing)

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