Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carrie visits Rye

In the month of June
we celebrate
the birth of many of our family
members and friends..
past and present . May each of you
have a most wonderful
Birthday month!Sean Wesley Ryan
June 3rd
Alex Poe
June 11thRenee Williams Ryan
June 19th

H.P. Roquemore
June 21, 1899

Lisa Renee Goodman Bowen
June 25thTimothy Lee Goodman
June 26thDonna Jane Ryan
June 26thJoe Wayne Biddle
June 30th


This is "Willie"one of the cats that lives

at the "Drake House"

a antique gallery and book barn..

Please, remember Willey when you get further down the blog

and see more pictures from the Drake house...


the blogging program is apparently having hormonal issues today!
having lost this picture..

I finally found it "up there" among the June birthdays..

after an hour of fighting with it ,..

copious amounts of hair pulling and guttural gnarling

I finally got it this far..

not to where it belongs..

but at least


of the birthdays...

thought about telling you his birthday was in



The very end of May

became an extremely low point

of the year..
Losing an old dear friend,

whether they are two legged or whether

they walk on all four is always hard...

No matter the age or what they have made it through
its still hard to let go..

the brain understands...

but, the heart still breaks in two..
this was my state of being when we got a phone call

from Carrie saying she had some vacation time

and she needed a break..

would her parents like some company?

No question about it...

I needed Carrie's company!
on the way to Boston airport

we are graced with the sight of a rainbow...

she flew in on US Air

Monday started out with brunch

at the "Friendly Toast"

On the way back to the house we

stop and buy gold fish for the pond...

mosquito control?

Miss Bo-Bo visits Carrie at the computer

Thibodeaux keeps a close watch over Carrie and the pond

Carrie has always loved catching frogs, lizards..

crawly, hoppy, skittery things...

but, this time try as she may...

they always seemed to get away...

She shall not give up!

the tadpoles are big!

(grass clippings in the pond)

a humming bird continues to visit...

Carrie & her "Diddy"

Thibodeaux walks the fence line..

He is growing so fast!!!

After 7:00 p.m. the puppies are allowed on the beach ,

so one afternoon

we headed to Rye Beach for a walk..

It was good for Thibodeaux..who is

just beginning to get use to the leash..

...a little...

the first dog or two we met..

Chloe would get in between them and Thibodeaux

till she had smelled them well enough to decide

that it was alright for them to be close to the little fellow..

then she would move over and let him say "Hello"
Everything went fine...

no territorial disputes ,

everyone was on

vacation & having a fine time..

Being on the beach in June has always

meant swim suits, suntan lotion

and an assorted sundry
of water toys...

well, boys and girls

this is not the Gulf of Mexico!!

Note Carrie's sweater!!

I had on flip flops and got my feet wet..

up to my ankles...

immediate hypothermia set in!!!

I am almost surprised my toes did not break off!

After a brisk walk up and down the beach

what better than an ice cold ice cream!

Small rum raisin , please!

sea shells

found at the sea shore

a shared moment among sisters ...

One day Carrie and I drove to Maine..

a visit to the "Nubble" light house

And for medicianal purposes

a stop at the

"Pie in the Sky"

pie shoppe

a couple of slices were sampled

while sitting on the bench out front

to help in the desicion of

what kind of whole pie to take home...

selections of the day included:

*Wild Maine Blueberry Pie

*Apple Pie

*Chocolate Fudge Pie

*Pecan Pie

*Strawberry, Raspberry,Rubarb Pie



The Drake House

(Please insert Willies picture here...)

Willies brother..

He followed me around for awhile

reaching out a paw to request a head pet

when ever I came close enough..

this is only one isle down the barn..

it was two stories..

of books every where

all kind of books, all ages of books

this is probably the

Neatest store I have ever been in !!

The house and barn were

built in 1705

by Abraham Drake.

No wonder the floor creaked!

Carrie, exclaimed had she known what she was

going to find inside that BIG old barn

she would have packed a picnic

in her purse!

As it was we were there for several hours.

Finally pulling ourselves away from

the cornicopia of prose, facts and fiction

that lined every shelf and sat stacked

all along the floors, tables, benches

and atop the baby grand piano,

we took our procurments and made a retreat for a

mid afternoon lunch!

After sampling the fare at

"Old Salt"

we headed back to the house..

with little in mind

and most definately no idea what

adventure awaited us next!


*the afternoon of the turke-letts!

*( june 6th blog posting..Turkey Chase)
Saturday morning after coffee

Michael and Carrie

gather the fishing rods, reels, & tackle..

reminesent of times gone by..

(Every Sunday morning ,right about sun up,

down in Fort Lauderdale,

around the time Carrie was

oh, say, nine or ten,

She and Michael would hit the pier

and go fishing...

Many stories there for another time...)

any way..they headed out to go fishing..

I sent the camera with them...

and gave distinct instructions

on not leaving it anywhere..

to be sure and bring it back..

Carrie and Thibodeaux

feeding the goldfish.

They did not misplace the camera..

for it apparently never left the truck..

One sure fire way not to forget the camera..

don't take it out and use it..

Oh, well.


Sunday was here all to soon!

That afternoon it was back to Boston

for a flight back to Virginia...


Back in Rye I catch the

ever illusive

Chipmunk in the sights

of my camera lens..

and wait its safe..

I don't see any babies for it to defend..

A few days later Michael calls me outside..

points up and says..

"I see another blog entry in the making..."


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