Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All Aboard for a Trolley Tour!

All aboard !!!

"Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley..
ring, ring, ring goes the bell..."

Let's take a gander at historic old Boston

It's a warm sunny day
and we are all ready for a
trolley tour

Michael pays close attention

Bill (Ba-ba) is ready with his camera

Papa checks out the trolley route

A handsome young man fans
his Gamma

Rose Kennedy Park

103 rose bushes for the 103 years she lived

the "red" line..
sometimes brick sometimes paint..
you can follow this line all over town to historical
points of interest...
about "a three hour tour"

the first obelisk in our nation..
sits atop "Bunker Hill"

U.S.S Constitution
from our point of view

2 pictures and one painting
found on the net
a better look

The 585 building.
Our trolley driver tells us the history of
the building that once stood on this spot...
with its 585 gal. vat holding molasses...
the old wooden vat got weaker and weaker over time...
mothers from around the neighborhood would send their
young children with tin cans or other kitchen vessels
to catch the molasses
that oozed from the sides of the giant leaking vat
until the day it finally let loose causing
all kinds of havoc and destruction...
sounded somewhat like a tsunami of molasses!

the old state house
Now, if you are wondering
why I have posted a picture of a new modern
concrete building sporting the sign of "Staples"...
turn your minds eye back some 300 years,
and if needing to squint
look and see an old building sporting the sign
for Ben Franklin's brother's newspaper printing shoppe...
"New England Courant"
the fourth newspaper in the colonies and the first
in Boston..
Here at the age of fifteen Benjamin became
an apprentice to his brother James..
wanting to write and yet knowing James would never allow such a thing
Benjamin would write letters to the paper at night
under the made up pen name of the widow
"Silence Dogood"
sneeking them under
his brothers shoppe door
in the dark of night...
these articles became extremely popular...
and after a long while
(16 letters in all)
Benjamin confessed to his brother
of the widows true identity...
where upon he was relentlessly scolded..
In 1723 Benjamin Franklin left this place ,
which is now
inhabited by the twentieth century ,
concrete and glass store
with a big red sign reading
"Staples". memory fades...
I have no recall why I took this picture!
Boston Common
a park owned by the people

Bostons slice of Broadway

Do you recognize this spot?

It has been reported by many sources
if on a site seeing trip do not waste
your time going "inside" the
real Cheers ...
for upon arrival
you will not recognize a thing..
"Cheers" was filmed on a set that looked
nothing akin to the inside of the
real bar..
excuse me, I should say
extremely high rent area...
one elderly resident no longer drove a car
sold his parking "spot"
for a reported

duck tours
they also go in the water!

we have been there

Boston Common from the other side
New State House
A statue to commemorate
Robert Gould Shaw
leader of the U.S. Civil War's
first all black volunteer company.
Matthew Brodrick portrayed him in the 1989 movie
up ahead we see on our right
Omni Parker Hotel
were JFK proposed marrige to his future wife

Here we come upon the meeting house,
were once a crowd gathered
and dirived a plan...
which concluded in what is now a famous act
in the beginnings of our nations
indepence from
the tyranical crown of England!
A ship was docked not far from here
holding in its stores
that if brought out onto the docks,
the colonies would carry the burden of the tax..
"What better way?"
thought these
Yankee Doodle Dandies
"to show our disdain and addement thoughts
on taxation without representation
than to dump
ALL that TEA
the bay!"
A few of them, already into their cups
(pert near drunk)
painted themselves as Mohawk Indians
for disguise sake
and headed down these very streets
toward the wharf...
down the streets and around the same bends we travel..

(we pass a monument erected for the founder of the A.S.P.C.A.)

(some momento of the "Great underground dig")

you might just be able to hear the ancient
echo's of the painted "war" parties whoops and far off clamor..
For long ago they walked to the wharf...
long ago a call for freedom began to be heard...
When our forefathers raised the cry
and dumped all that precious tea overboard!
At the "Boston Tea Party"
Here standing
in what was the area of the old wharf
is a new building of red brick...
With no name more fitting than
"Independence Wharf"
Many stories were heard that day..many sights observed..
I was not always fast enough with the camera or was sometimes
on the "wrong" side or behind someone with "big" hair...
I have not posted pictures of the old North Church or
of Paul Reveres house..Copps Hill Burying Grounds and so many more...
but, we will be here for a while to come so there is time...

Bill, Felice, Michael & our little Michael
at the Rose Kennedy Park.

looking at the fountain

fog rolls into the city

down on the wharf

Stopping at the state line on the way to Rye

Michael wakes up from his the rest stop

working on that wing...

Later that evening..
feeding the fish in the pond..
Still to come..
Michaels trip to the Fire station and
The Children's Discovery Museum..
this may be in a week or so..
due to family business that will have me away from
my stores of pictures.
In the last posting
of July birthday's I was remiss in not remembering
the girl's Pap-paw Kadle..
this was called to my attention and I want to appologize..
it was not done intintionally..
we would celebrate his birthday on July 30th.
Hug each other and be thankful
for all the wonderful , precious moments
we have together.

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