Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Rest of the Story

If you will recall on June 27th

Bill, Felice and Michael

flew into New England and spent the week with us...

while here Michael celebrated his 3rd birthday.

On the morning of July 1st

I had to run to the store in order

to procure the last items needed to

make a birthday cake in the image of a

choo-choo train...

yeah, you read that right..

first the idea had been a "tractor"

but since Michael also loved trains..

why not?

On the way as I passed the fire station

an idea presented itself

so I pulled in and asked about

little boys coming to see the fire trucks

and was met with a most friendly welcome

and invite..

from a very enthusiastic young fireman!

So, Michael's birthday began with

an outing to the firehouse in Rye!

Come along and join a very

tickled 3 year old as

he is allowed to climb all over

and "drive" all the fire trucks,

an ambulance,

the swat vehicle,

and try on a "real" fire hat!

This is so neat!

"Do you want to turn on the lights and siren?"



Thank you so much to the

Rye Fire Department

and to the wonderful young man

who took time to help make a 3 year old boys

birthday extra special!


Next we headed in to Portsmouth
for brunch
at the "Friendly Toast"
where Michael was served
peanut butter and banana pancakes!
Then on to the IParty store
for decorations to go with choo-choo trains...
next to the train paraphernalia was the
Guess who really liked that!!??
Yep, the tractor, then train cake
now had become a
Anyone ever made a cake bulldozer?
have you ever had the fondant
be so hard
David could have used it to kill Goliath?
(now that would make for a colorful story!)
Anyway, with a little head scratching and some quick scrambling
a cake was made that somewhat gave the illusion
of a bulldozer..
at least I tried and Michael was happy!
After the party store on up the road to Dover
and the Children's Museum..

The four seasons


That evening we feasted on
Hot dogs, beans and macaroni and cheese
then to the table for singing, candle blowing,
present opening and cutting of the cake!
(NO shirt or shoes required at this swanky joint!)

Aunt Mary sent a singing, musical card
Let's all join in as Michael does
"Ittsy Bittsy Spider"

Mam-maw & Pap-paw Ryan sent
Birthday presents via
the skinny white haired man in brown shorts..
among many nice things
Michael was delighted to find a
Thomas the train set!

Michael loves to ride the "bouncy" horse
Early in the week he learned all he had to do was
put his little finger on that old horses saddle
and say
"Mam-ma" then grin and knodd ...
Yep, that's all it would take for this old
woman to lose all of what little bit of digninty
she ever consided having ,
throw her leg over that ol' horse
and while riding double
bouncy all over the wild, wild west!!!

The beginning of July and the temperature
has already hit in the upper 90's
as far north as Virginia...
Here however it has been in the 50's and 60's
for highs..
Sun? What is the sun?
What does it look like? What does it feel like?
I'm so sorry..I can't remember..
it has rained here for over a month!
The rain let up a little and we headed down to Hampton Beach
Michael played on the play ground and then we sampled
the world famous
"Blink's Fry Dough"
It was Good!

After the beach we looked in on Papa
at work..
Michael was able to help out with
a little expert advise wispered in the right ear.

The advise:
don't work on an empty stomach,
its lunch time !
so we joined Papa for lunch at
"Bugaboo Steak House"

Where every 15 mins or so
a large buffalo head hung on the wall
will interupt your conversation to carry on his own
with the youngsters in the crowd.

While visiting
Michael became a very big help
in the kitchen..
He would push Gamma's step stool all over just to help..
We made bread pudding,
and he really liked to help put up clean dishes!!
Here Papa caught him helping make
cole slaw.

He was such a big help!
It was the best I have ever tasted!
Such a sweetheart!
One more hug good night!

Michael and Bill would climb the stairs
Michael would come to the
balcony ledge
to blow kisses and


Friday came way to quickly...
We all took a ride up to
York Maine and walked around
on the first sunny day since
our trolley tour!
Then we drove on back down to
Boston and said our good byes
at the airport...

In the infamous words of
Paul Harvey
"...Now you know the rest of the story.."
"Good Day!"

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