Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frogs,flowers,cookies,cupcakes & toe jam!

It has not snowed in many days!
We have actually had several
"warm" days in a row!
Two times in the last week or so we have
sky-rocketed up to
Mostly 40s and a few lower 50s
have been warming our frozen bones!
It has made a very large "dent"
in the snow that is laying on the ground
this does not excite Chloe...
...however, in the warmth of the late spring
if "the frog" does somehow make
a miraculous appearance..
then she will be happy again..
because she like to lay by the pond
and visit him..
and occasionally chase him across
the deck..
well, maybe she wasn't really visiting
but, laying in wait..
either way she will be happy..
A large bulb planted in a colorful pot
has begun to show color
March 17th
March 18th
March 19th

Burpee seeds planted
in a starter kit
"The tomato farm"

In passing through the den
we pass the toy chest..
each day I have to
corral two or three wayward
teddy bears..
You would think they are trying for an escape..
Ah, but I know better...
we have two culprits who like to
practice their wrestling skills followed by
a good long kneading session
(worry not..they had a "manicure" many years ago)
and finally the teddies are used for pillows ..

Both "culprits" were found in one of their
favorite napping places..
Boo, on top of my gown...
and Bo,..well she is the lump under
the covers..
ALWAYS check the LUMP before
you sit down!!!
Yesterday was a day for baking..
Coconut cake..
today seemed to follow as another baking day...
Puppies Cookies!
When they have cooled and someone wakes up
we will put them to the "taste-test"
This past week end
there was a time for baking at
Dee-Cee's house..
I heard she had some big help...
but, we will save that for her to tell...
they called on the web/cam after the baking
was done...
and shared the eating of
Michael and cupcake
Michael, cupcake and chocolate frosting!
On Saint Patrick's Day Michael got an e-mail with dancing Teddie Bears
We got to watch him from the camera
as he watched the
cartoon teddies dance!
Oh, what has he found?
Could it be
Toe Jam?
Not to worry!
Here Mama..its sock fuzz!
he got it all..
he was very thorough
and checked between each and
every toe!
Last week I mentioned mailing
my last project..
I was promised it would arrive
by today..
(on a island ,an hour or so south of Savannah)
below are pictures of two
outfits made for
little sisters..
the oldest is 2 and the
youngest a few months old now..
I thought of how all children
love to see the fish in the store
and some even get to take one home...

this fabric makes me
want to giggle..
Miss Taylor, is receiving a short set,
with blue gingham shorts, a peter pan collared goldfish top..
accessorized with an appliqued
goldfish purse/shoulder bag
.. topped off with a goldfish/gingham hat
piped and bowed
with a bright orange and white
pin-dot fabric...
Miss Helen will be receiving a
bubble & hat
of the same fabric
so young sisters may be alike..
and yet,
I hope they like them
and enjoy wearing them.

I am trying to think of a
nice outing for this
the "weather-fibber"
says its going to be sunny
and continued
any ideas?
When Mr. Boo-Boo realized I was
going to be working on the
He hurried right on down...
Because he is always
a big
lots of love!

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