Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lets eat lunch in Woodstock

Happy Birthdays in

March to:

Charles Ryan


Jeff Ryan

My sisters

Elizabeth & Mary

Brandon and Cathy

share the day!

Randy also celebrates this month!

Dakota Goodman was born in March

as was my Great-grandmother Mary Lee Anna Lester.
(Great-grandmother Lester, Mary & Great-Aunt Jewel)
Thanks for the picture, Mary!

Bells Chlothilde Liggnappe
"Chloe" will celebrate
her 6th birthday
on the 9th.


If I could sit on the porch
with God,
the first thing I would do is thank
Him for you...
March 10th.
(31 yrs)

Saturday, Feb.28th,

we decided we needed a road trip!

Oh, not a big, long one..but, we needed out

and the princess, Chloe was excited

about a ride about in her van..

? where should we go?

How about lunch in Vermont?

So out across 111 to 101 then I-89...

Vermont here we come.

We headed west across New Hampshire and

a little north..

Destination :Woodstock, Vermont

(no, no remember that Woodstock was in New York State)

BOY!!!! That wind is COLD!!!!

"Yeah, it sure felt GOOD"

she loves to ride in her van!

(kind of puts poor Wilbur to shame.)


It was a nice little trip...

about 2 hours over..

and we got to see "sombody elses snow"


Sunday night and all day Monday a


came howling in..

It brought with it very cold weather,

blowing howling winds

and about 14 inches of new snow.

Bo and Boo share the throw..

Chloe was happy again!


paperwhites, today.


On Febuary 13th, 1999


became a very big part of our family.
At 8 weeks old he was 16 pounds

of fuzzy love!

He was our Boy!


A.J.s Boudreaux Patou

December 3, 1998- Febuary 28, 2008.


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