Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Continuing Tales of Thibodeaux

February is waining ,
and even though the actual days
of celebration have past
we celebrate these wonderful people of
February all year long!!!
Bill Hall
Happy Birthday Bill!

Sean Biddle
Many happy returns , Sean!!

and we will always
remember Mam-maw,
Minnie Robertson.
The continuing tales of Thibodeaux...

The seventeenth of February
Thibby turned eleven months old..
and has been a part of our family for the last
nine months...

When Thibodeaux first came home with
us he was a little baby of
around 13 pounds,
with about 52 pounds of

Over time he has continued to grow..
not only in size and personality
but also in our hearts!

All Great Pyrenees are extremely intelligent
and have been over the multitude of centuries
that they have befriended man and tended
their flocks...
whether those flocks be sheep, goats, llama's...
or the families they live with..
Thibodeaux has many breed traits
that he shares with his sister
Chloe as he does with other Pyr's.
To name a very few..
The Pyr pat,
(A tap ,with their big paw to draw your attention..
which with age "becomes" a gentle tap)
barking as he exits the door,
(to warn any predators that he is on the job
and they need not come around)
Not running to you immediately when you call out his name..
(they will think things through first, and make a decision
as to if that is actually what they should do...)
and many, many more..
and yet
Thibodeaux has also developed
his own
very large personality.
Thibby keeps us grinning,if not out & out laughing..
he is still a puppy
and still thinks of himself
as a
"lap puppy"
With great regularity he still visits my lap,
to sit a short spell and be petted...
upon occasion he has been known to push his
luck with older sister ,Chloe, just a bit to far
,for an older woman's nerves,
so that when she jumps up "fussing"
he has bound straight into his "Mama's" lap
(with the speed and agility to out shine any toy poodle
or miniature wiggler I have ever known!)
He is a very loving boy!
The other day I happened to have the camera in hand
when he decided it was time to sit with Daddy..


***Last week our Thibodeaux
spent the night with our new found vet...
(whom I might add I dearly love..they work with the
Great Pyrenees Rescue here
and not only have treated Pyrs before but
also have a love and understanding of them..)
back to the story,
Thibby went for....... "tutoring"
and when he came home he seemed to have learned
more than he had planned...
Bless his heart..
it itched and he did not want to leave it alone..
so now he is having to wear the
or lampshade as we call it...
with another follow up visit this coming week
to see if we might rid ourselves of this headdress...
Due to enduring such atrocities,
and to help as a distraction, he and Chloe now have "Kongs"..
which regularly get filled with "cookies"
and peanut-butter...
Thibby LOVES his Kong!!
he has gone and brought it back ,
dropping it at my feet for more..

maybe having to wear a lamp shade is not..
all bad..

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