Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time for Toe Wiggling!!

In my heart I know that spring
has come!
Yesterday, the temperatures reached
all the way up into the sweet warm seventies,
with a promised repeat today ...
I spent the day dressed in a short sleeved tee shirt accompanied
by ten "nekid" toes!
(Yes, I know the difference between naked and "nekid".
Naked being when you don't have any clothes on and "nekid" when you don't have any clothes on and you are up to sumthin'..)*
Well, believe me my toes were up to something...
after spending so much time this past fall and winter in
shoes and boots..
they were plum wiggling with glee!!
The season change is also evident by the fact
that the big "Spring Blow" has begun..
Miss Chloe is shedding that soft undercoat,
that helps insulate them so well in the cold winter..
Thibodeaux being of such a young and tender age,
has not yet donned his full undercoat at this time..
all in all this shedding
brings the little song birds
around our house to
flitter about,
gathering the small white soft tuft's
left across the deck and yard,
carrying off bits in their beaks
causing them to resemble
miniature winged, white bearded Santa Clauses...
Ahh, such a prize
to be able to feather ones nest
with the soft warm down
of a Pyrenees Pup!
*(all southerners know the difference in naked and nekid
due to the clever writings of one of the South's own sons..
Louis Grizzard.
If for some reason your life has gone thus far without
being blessed by the true wit of Louis I whole heartedly
suggest his books to bring not only a smile to your face..
and a glint to your eye
but most likely a giggle or even a belly laugh!)
In the past few weeks I have been very busy
working to finish a long promised project..
It should have been done before now.
but, somehow "life" kept getting in my way..
I must confess, that when
I am involved in such a painting or sewing project...
well, as Michael would so delicately put it..
"She won't look up to spit!"
I tend to get a bit involved and lose all track of time..
Gennifer (my third child..almost)
lived across the field
and grew up before our eyes...
from the time she was in diapers
through the days of playing in the yard,
and now with a little one of her own..
so the growth chart and co-ordinating pictures
below were promised for Miss Mavanea Grace's
nursery walls...
MG was born last June...
she started pulling up and standing by herself
this month...
I had to set a fire and get busy!!
Next thing I'll know
is that she has not only started
driving but has graduated from high school!
So, Gen..
I will get these to you as soon as I can
even if I have to ship them..
so sorry it took so long!
hope you like them!
We love you!

MG's parents love to fish...
and are betting she will too.


March the ninth is
Miss Belle's Chlothilde Lagniappe's
seventh birthday...
On March seventeenth
Mr. Thibodeaux Maximus Patou
will turn the ripe old age of one!
What a joy they bring to our lives!

On March the tenth
Michael and I will celebrate
our thirty-second anniversary..
Michael, you complete me!
I love you!
March is full of birthday celebrations...
We want to wish each and everyone
many, many happy returns!
Charles Ryan

Brandon Mohler

Cathy Pemberton
"Cathy Jean"

Dakota Goodman

Randy Pemberton

Mary Slaten

Jeff Ryan
"little brother"

Elizabeth Biddle

Mary Leeanna Lester
(Mam-maw Robertsons mother)
Over the next few weeks
our calender is full.
We plan to "start" celebrating
our anniversary tomorrow
with dinner out...
then this week-end
Felice, Bill and Michael W.
are coming to visit
Michael's Papa & Gamma
Saturday night we are all going to see the
"Bull Riding"
(Gosh, darn it I don't have my cowgirl boots with me!)
When Felice and Bill return to Virginia
Michael will grace us with a weeks long visit!!
There is no telling what outings we will come up with!
We plan on continuing the celebration
all the way into the first of April !!
With a Robert Earl Keene concert in Charlottesville
followed by a week end spent in Colonial Williamsburg.
I am hoping all y'all are getting to enjoy this
wonderful warm, sunny weather
and everyone is getting
to wiggle their toes!

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