Monday, March 22, 2010

Ye haw Cowboy, ..Hurry and Catch that Train!

On Friday March the twelfth
Felice, Bill and Michael
made the trip down from Virginia...
Saturday morning ,
Papa and Baba gathered up their golf bats
and scampered gleefully
away to play golf ,
while Mommy, Michael and I
started our outings at the Coach House for breakfast
Michael enjoyed eggs, pancake, bacon and grits
and I tried the daily special
sweet potato pancakes..
(Is anyone really surprised?)
After our repast we went on a small shopping excursion and then returned to the house to rest momentarily
for the big night which lay ahead!
Papa had gotten tickets for us to go see the bull riding show!
In the beginning, Michael W. was very serious!
Soaking everything in!
By the second half of the show
he was standing waving his arms and dancing
with the music..
A very large time was had by all.
Sunday morning another outing to the Coach House..
on the way we learned from Michael W. that
"All peoples likes bacon!!!"
After breakfast,
Mommy and Baba followed the interstate
back to Virginia in order to be ready
to start the next week on time..
Michael W stayed with us..
for the week.
During the next week..
we ate out with Papa for lunch several times,
went to the children's museum,
ate out on our own, at Cici's Pizza..
(supposedly one of Michael's favorites!)
Read rhymes about
Thomas and his friends on the railroad
played very hard with trains, and bouncy horses..
I set up a train table in my craft/ sewing room
thinking that
(You just keep right on thinkin' there , Butch!)
while Michael would play with his trains
I could get some sewing and mending done.
Well, let me just say...
I had much more fun working on Sir Toppum Hatt's railway
than working on any "old" project...
It will be much more fun to sew this week...
This time in "Michael's room" he found a new,
big boy bed (twin bed)
all decked out in Thomas bed clothing!
A new "easy up and down"
boarder of Thomas and friends clung
just above the chair railing
and a few new books on his shelf!
On Thursday,
Mam-maw and Pap-paw Ryan
came up to visit we all went out to eat
and they spent the night!
Then on Friday,
we went out to Papa's job in order to
help them along with our copious amounts
of knowledge about construction!
Michael jumped right in as
if he'd been on more than one construction site...
I am more than sure his Papa
appreciated all the insight and help!
We had a very big time all week...
Meeting his parents at the half way mark
on Saturday
for a bite of late lunch
and a big boy swapping..
I watched him from across
the table as he,
Chattered away,
so excited to see his Mommy and Baba again,
every now and again punctuating this fact with a few
bounces up and down on the booth like seat!
And upon burping
looking very excited that he
remembered and could tell them...
"I gonna blow up!!"
a small pang touched my heart
that my boy was going home...
and yet, I sat back and ate and began
my resting!
And I continue to rest!
Being a grandparent is out of this world tremendous!!
Having them come and stay is so exciting and fun!
and watching them go home to a wonderfully loving family
is a really good thing , too!
Hundreds of pictures were taken,
and at least that many videos..
let me let you in on a little secret..
when blogging ..
uploading pictures can take hours..
so then you make slides..
today it has still taken forever...
also the phone has been ringing all day..
now when you up load a slide or video..
it shows up as a blank spot till you hit "Post"..
so if you hold a conversation in between two up loadings..
well let's put it this way..
I am no longer sure if any of these are in order or not..
or if one is there twice or one even missed the boat..
The order in which things were intended...
(Uh-Oh, I see Mam-maw & Pap-paw jumped on board
to begin with...well, that's alright!)
  • Bull riding video
  • Happy Birthday Aunt Mary video
  • Children's Museum slide
  • Playing downstairs
  • Michael's play area in my craft room
  • Working on the railroad all the live long day
  • Michael's room at Papa and Gamma's
  • Me being locked in
  • Pictures of Mam-maw and Pap-paw
  • MWH visits the big man's job
  • and then someone is tired of the camera...

If these are out of sequence , please forgive..

and remember

according to Michael

"I do my best!"

but, do go ahead and enjoy

some moments of our week with Michael!

...and then out of the mouth of babes...

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carrie said...

i am convinced that my nephew is a genius. indeed, he is most definitely smarter than the average bear. thank you, momma, for taking so many pics and video clips! it makes me feel like i get to be there more than i really am. i especially like the ones of him and daddy in matching headgear.