Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Start Fussin' & Cryin'........

This past week,
has been a pretty good week...
good weather and stormy weather to boot...
Michael and I enjoyed a trip
to north Georgia for a little outlet shopping.
And Monday, like every Monday
was laundry day..
Not a lot of camera worthy events
since our little fellow went home..
maybe some pretty "blooming"
the next big event will be a
Robert Earl Keene concert
and a trip to Washington d.c...
plan on visiting some more
more monuments,
maybe see some cherry tree blossoms..
and going to Mt. Vernon..
I still think distant cousins
aught to get to spend the night..
hey, I'm just sayin'..
Anyway, I thought this week's posting could be a slide...
of pictures taken while talking on Skypes
(the web-cam)
in the last couple of months.
Now, now..don't start callin', fussin' and cryin'..
All y'all look just fine..
might add
down right good to me!
So here are some candid shots taken on Skypes of
my near and dear...
Love to all y'all!

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