Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Weekend to Inspire the Senses

I hope this posting finds everyone smiling

and excited over their Easter baskets

filled to overflowing with colorful

Easter eggs, jelly beans, peeps,

and chocolate confections of all shapes and sizes!

We started our Easter week-end off

attending a most "wicked awesome"

concert by Robert Earl Keen,

performed in the newly renovated Jefferson Theater

in Charlottesville, Va

from there the next morning

another short road trip

to Mount Vernon , Virginia

were we stepped through

the gates of time
for a quick glimpse into the
home and life
of our first president,
George Washington.
"Mount Vernon"
Leaving Mount Vernon

with George ,
we drove approximately sixteen more miles
to the city that bares his name..
Washington D.C.
which was
covered in Cherry blossoms
and tourist

our first stop ,
the Fairfax hotel..
after a wonderful evening in the city
a day of museums and site seeing followed

Easter weekend,
The Cherry Blossom Festival,
the incredible warmth of spring
brought forth onto our nations capital
a slue of tourist that was a sight in and of its self!

Lincoln's monument


Easter morning we picked up
Carrie and headed toward Felice and her family,
There we gathered together for an feast
at "Rosa's" , then the three of us headed on further south.
Carrie is spending this week with us, and
so far our days have been full..
so this has been a quick peek into our travels...
I will post more pictures,
from Mt.Vernon,our time in Washington DC and our lunch
with the kids next time...
but, for now I am going to finish the week off
spending my time with Carrie...
So today,
I will leave you with a slide
of pictures from our
"road trip"
accompanied ,
as I have been over many a year
and many, many a long mile
by the music
"Robert Earl Keen"!



the road goes on forever...

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