Thursday, April 29, 2010

EF3 Tornado Hits...Home

Where do you start?
How do you express the total relief
that your mother was untouched and left safe..
when you lay eyes on the destruction,
left behind a violent wind
,a monster of devastation,
as it tore through
the homes on the streets of your childhood?
How do you explain
that while you are so happy and full of relief,
you can also be so full of utter
disbelief and sorrow?
You say,
"Pull up up those cowgirl boots and get over it!"
"There is much to be done"
I would like to take a moment to
Thank everyone..
and I do mean, everyone
who helped and are helping those in the areas
around Mama's.
People have come from all over to help..
Power Companies, Police departments, Red Cross and so many
I can't even begin to think I could name them all..
We want to thank you..
And mostly
Thanks be to God for placing his hand down
over my mother!

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