Thursday, May 6, 2010

As Time Seems to Fly

This week is flying by

There has been a lot of work involved

and some very happy moments

spent with family and friends!

The time spent with family and friends

is what seems to go way to fast...

and the drudgery of work way to slow...

Thursday afternoon and evening

was spent in Priceville

with Genifer cutting out a new

clown costume for


With the added bonus of getting to play

with Miss Mavenea Grace

(MG for short!)

Then all day Friday,

at the house the

general construction of the

afor mentioned costume

was undertaken..

Gen came in after work

and we had a little visit

while the last touches were put to her

outfit..she seemed happy and took it home for

the last decorative additions!

I can't wait to see

pictures of Petunia in all her

bubblesome splendor!

Saturday ,

We saw Mary Joyce for a new outlook

(Michael got a quick haircut

and then I stayed awhile!

Like I always do!)

Monday morning I got to see Miss Marlee Reece

and wish her a most happy birthday!

(this Saturday)

Then Michael and I went to Mama's

to gather information pertaining

to this weekends

erecting of the chain link fence in

Mama's back yard once again...

then we took the news to Mama that

her power had been turned on at the house

while we were there...

A short but nice visit was had with

Joe Wayne, Elizabeth, Mama and Baby.

Then it was back on the road again.

Sunday, Michael returned to South Carolina

while the puppies and I stayed another week in the country..

The days and hours not mentioned have been wasted away in a spring cleaning frenzey out here at

Ryan's junction...

Tuesday it was up early for a ride over to my sister

Mary's were we proceeded to climb into her van

and drive into Huntsville..

a short cut across the base and

we found ourselves at


for sandwiches in the good company

of Cathy Jean and Brandon.

Afterwards it was off to Cathy's

for an afternoon walk around the flower garden

and Mary tried her hand at some...


Lock picking..

Cathy has bought an antique

desk with the "forever" locked

secret compartment!!!

Might I ask...

What would make you

want to get into something more

than Not being able to ...?

Of all the beautiful flowers

and sweet shady resting spots

this little fellow might have been my

faveorite discovery...

and like all good times our visit had to

come to an end..

We headed back to Mary's

with a drop in on Suzanne and her

two youngest fellows!

Matthew was sporting a fresh "shiner"

aquired in a T-Ball game

and Zee...

well bless his heart had

a goose egg on his forehead

from testing the solid construction of the floor..

Head butting seemed to be the "new" thing..

I fear the floor won that round...

Later that afternoon,

I arrived back at rhe house to find

my ever so faithful

Miss Chloe keeping watch over the place from

atop of the steps

while Master Thibodeaux made his rounds

along the fence line..

I was greeted with alot of tail wagging and excited bounciness..

as we entered the house and found us a special treat

(Who would like a Puppy cookie!?!)

Our Peonies, Roses and Azalea's are in bloom.

Our yard does not sport a really cute frog...

It has two old Gnomes, and a snail ,

who's head is a little gnawed

(thanks to Boudy)

and we do have

one "princess"

and one mighty fine,



(we are going to have to look into a frog...)

Last Saturday,

Mama and Baby seemed right

at home with Elizabeth.

That day as we drove through Albertiville I took

more pictures,

those and some I recieved by e-mail and some

from the Huntsville newspaper are below

all together in a slide show..

I hope these are the last of devistating pictures..

I hope as things get closer to normal

the pictures will begin to once again show smiling faces!



Momma bought us some Puppy Pools

to help beat the summer heat!

In a few days

Chloe and I will put up a new posting

on our blog..

be sure to drop by and check on us..



We are really enjoying our time in the country!

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