Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mama Wore Her Hat..She Was Darn Cute Like That.

Friday started out with a trip to
another visit to see the family Doc.
with that behind us for another while
we headed north again to Mama's,
this time stopping over at a Lowe's for
fencing supplies...
A late afternoon start,
disrupted by,
contractors stopping by to give their cost estiments on
roofing, siding and so forth
pretty much
brought the fencing job to a halt...
That day very little was accomplished on the fence,
but, I feel like a lot was accomplished toward
the repair of Mama's house..
It was dark thirty and we went home..
Saturday, was another day and
the fencing work really got underway..
old fence fabric untied,rose bush fighting,
Poison Ivy disposing,
fabric pulling, neighbor greeting,
measuring,old post pulling,,
another trip to Lowe's,
hole digging,
hot water fetching,
pole leveling, concrete eating,
(that concrete sure makes a lot of dust!)
swing moving
gate measuring, more hole digging,
mind changing
another trip to Lowe's for a
new gate
more measuring,
hole filling, more hole digging,
finally, all the corner and line post are up!
Ready to get fabric
and It's Dark...
New plan stop at Lowe's in the morning
bring fabric and finish on
Best Laid Plans of
Mice & Men!
all plans were thwarted...
starting with a flat tire...
caused by someones lost screwdriver on highway 31..
(I am now the owner of one slightly beat up
old orange handled screwdriver!
and a brand new tire.)
I continue to tell myself that it
won't hurt a thing for
fabric and clean up to wait one more week.
This way the puppies and I
get to stay in our country house a little longer...
We will be here next week end and get
to be at the Ryan family gathering
on Sunday.
Michael will be at Mama's during
some of the next
phase of reconstruction
and we will be more rested for
the application of the fabric..
and the trip back to the Carolina's.
During the roofing and fence work on Saturday
Mama decided to come out and
We moved her swing into the shade
of a big old tree trunk..
(The rest of the tree, limbs and leaves were gone)
She and Baby stayed quite awhile
and I would take a break and visit with them..

Mama and Baby.
I think she looks cute in her hat
and she looks really good for 93!
(I like this picture!)

Sunday, we stopped in
for a quick
Mother's Day visit
with Michael's parents

Michael and his parents...
Peggy and Charles Ryan
(a.k.a. Mam-maw and Pap-paw)

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