Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Southern Girl...

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A southern girl knows full & well that she can open a door for herself...

but prefers the gentleman do it

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because it demonstrates

a sense of respect.

After all,

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every girl (young or old)

wants to be treated like a princess.

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We know how to make sweet tea

and grits


while filling you in on SEC football.

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(the above pictures...are from Hanceville school..not Alabama or Auburn..just want everyone to play pretty, now)

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We pick our battles

and fight with the heart of a

pit bull while still

maintaining grace & elegance.

Our mystique is that of a

soft spoken, mild mannered southern belle

who could direct an army,

loves her momma and

will always be

daddy's little girl.


Growing up or

"being raised"

(as we would put it)

in the south my life has been filled with

true southern belles

Many ,through the years ,would come and go only touching the fringes while leaving a finger print on my heart & soul

Still others have stayed through the years enriching me with their

beauty, wisdom, strength and wit.

A few of many

true southern ladies that

have touched my life...

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2010 Spring Alabama april may 469

And I thank you !


Donna Jane (Gamma) said...

p.s. wish I had more pictures and more time to find all the ones that are in some undetermined folder here and there,
so each and everyone of the fine southern ladies that has touched my life theough the years could have a place on the page..each and everyone of you have touched my life and made it better in one way or another .....and I thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just look at that first picture!
No wonder I've been in love with that pulchritudinous creature for 33 plus years...

Donna Jane (Gamma) said...

Aww Michael, you are too sweet! You are and have always been the gentleman of my dreams..Thank you for opening so many doors for me through the years! My Prince in Shining Armor !!