Friday, May 22, 2009

Continuing Tales of Thibodeaux

Memorial Day
a time for
thankful remembrance.

also a time of
and family gatherings.

The tales of Thibodeaux continue..

Daddy gets home from work

Thibodeaux meets

"The Cats"

Miss Bo-Bo

Mr. Boo-Boo

he works hard to keep that
colorful, pesky moose
under control! Loves running and rolling in the yard!


Mr. Boo delivers a
ultimatum along with a quick
tap on the nose..
no worries..
no claws.
Chloe has always thought
they were "love" taps..
and as for the cats..
well, let's just say
they were.. Thibodeaux finds the den

Miss Bo-Bo wonders if
this new "bouncy boy" will
ever learn his "place"
she is afraid there is not much hope..
after all
he is another one of them.


Below I have added a video..
some may have seen it however
I am taking this chance to
use it as a learning tool and see
if I can successfully post video to the blog..
so..if you have not seen it..

"Thibodeaux takes a walk about"

The "puppies" really seem to love each other..

I have not heard a real growl out of Chloe in a

long, long time..
Thibodeaux thinks he is already a

Big Dog!

the other night..
he heard the dryer..behind the laundry room door
for the first time..Was it someone in there
causing havoc?

He emanated many very large barks and growls
all awhile standing in between Chloes front legs with only his head
sticking out in front of her chest!!!

Thibodeaux fact:

A Big Dog should always have Big backup..


One day we took our first ride
in the van!
We went to the job and met several
of the people that work with "Daddy"..
Jeff, Mike C., Brad, Tasha and Richard.
On the way there he was kind of skiddish..
but, the return trip went fine..

I think he was afraid it was another 12 hour trip!


Yesterday the mower needed a new belt..
another opportunity for a van ride!

soon he will be a pro!

it was a scorcher outside..
can anyone explain why no one has
central air up here?


Around the yard

New Hampshire's State flower
is the purple Lilac
the state wild flower
the pink lady slipper
funny little tree

Three pretty tulips


.. oops..

two pretty tulips


From all of us to you,
have a fun and safe
holiday week-end!

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