Monday, October 26, 2009

"We Were Kindly Welcomed"

On October 15th
we three
donned our "cuddle duds"and sweaters,
loaded ourselves into the van
setting our heading at northwest..
with our destination..
The Shaker Village Museum
in Canteburry NH.

The day was cold and brisk..

the Shaker village was filled with
beautiful sights..
and volunteer guides to teach us of the Shaker's history and way of life..
Only two elderly Shakers remain in the world today,
residing in
Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village
New Gloucester, Maine
The history of these peoples is very interesting
and very educational..
to save time here is a website to click on so you can read
all about the
United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing

Signs were posted for
and we were most obliging and followed their rules..
Oh, so many wonderful tools,gadgets,furniture pieces
and architectural ways were invented and used by these people...
it was amazing to see...
this morning looking on the Internet I did
find two pictures posted that
someone took..
I prefer to think that they either could not read or
had permission..
below is a sewing desk...
Oh would I love to own something like this!

every nook and cranny was used..
for a drawer or cabinet..
not only in the desk
but throughout each and every building,
all space was utilized!
front room of the infirmary...

The Shakers are famous
for their simple and beautiful wood working
along with furniture making
and printings..

So now come along with us on our tour
of the Shaker Village in Canteburry NH
and if you should ever find yourself
in New Hampshire
I would strongly suggest
a quiet stroll through the Shakers home site..
It is a quiet, wondrous site to behold..


Next posting (In a few days..),

will follow us along as we go on our tour

of lighthouses...

In Portsmouth, NH

the lighthouse was open and we were given a tour..

getting to go all the way up to the top!!..

we also got to walk around Fort Constitution..

then we headed up the coast..

What fun we had on these outings...

See you soon!

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