Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Come on Along..Let's Take a Colorful Train Ride Followed by a Hunt for Covered Bridges!!!

Monday morning started out
bright and early!
We three southern women
headed for the hills
and a colorful train ride...
the conductor and our
accordian player added quite a bit of color
to the trip..
making up for what few
leaves had not yet donned their autumnal hues !
Come on along and join in on the fun!

Hot chocolates and coffees
were waiting on us as we prepared to
board our train!

In the beginning everyone was
sitting quietly with
What will this be like?

The colors were very pretty...
and then to our amazment..
out from the back of the car came an
accordian player!
Yes, playing his accordian..
he was very good..
It made me wonder how John Smoltz was doing?

on the way up we stopped
for lunch..
We were plesantly suprised!!
A butternut squash seasoned
with brown sugar and
New Hampshire maple syrup..
was a very big hit..
and the cranberry sauce out of this world!
Conversation around our table
was held by us, a nice couple from New Jersey,
and a couple from Colorodo..
We talked and smacked..
and almost missed boarding the train!
(or so we thought!)

That's Mine!!
(I wish)

After lunch the trip
became down right jovial!
Why we even had
played for us!!!

Leo our conductor
turned out to be a mess!
He put on quite a show!!


We roll past a Deer farm!!!
What or who do you suppose is visiting the deer?
On down the hill we stop and disembark at
the old "Ashland" station..
this tickled us!!
Wrong state..but, our mother and Cathy's mam-maw
was born and partialy raised in "Ashland , Alabama"
We thought Michael W. would like a picture
of his "Gam-ma" in front of the train..

Mary was styling !

Come on inside
and have a gander at times
that have past!

By the time the train ride was over,
Everyone was laughing and clapping and singing..
email addresses and hugs were exchanged!
I would suggest everyone take a train ride..
but, first make sure you
have an "accordian player"
(not organ grinder)
and a conductor named Leo!
After leaving the station
we took out the "talking lady"
gave her suction cup a lick..
stuck her to the windshield and typed in a crossroad
somewhere out in the colorful hills of New Hampshire..
locations found by Cathy..
one of her many assingments...
and off we headed into the hills...
Four covered bridges were found that day!!

div> "Donna, you stand right here"


We arrived back in the coastal region of the state..
Stopping in at "Jitto's" for supper..
later that evening somewhere around 9ish...
we piled out of the gam-ma van and drug ourselves inside..
ready for bed and the next day
that was filled with
outlet shopping in Kittery, Me!!
The next posting will be filled with pictures from
Strawberry Banke
the historical village museum
in Portsmouth..
founded 1623.
Good night!

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