Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apples to Lighthouses ..Two Day's Full...

Friday the 16th
rolled around so fast I almost felt dizzy...
the week was flying by
I was having so much fun I was asleep each
night as my head touched the pillow!
I did not want this week to end.. Yet, Friday blew in on a cold, cutting
who would have thought it was only October?
We started our day with a visit
to Applecrest farms
for apples,apple donuts,
crackers and
Applecrest homemade wicked sharp cheddar cheese...

through the week I had
begun to realize that
not only did Mary like apples,
Mary loved apples!!!
She picked out her prizes with great scrutiny!

a peek in the back for a buggy
afforded me a look
at the
washer sorter apparatus

Cathy found the cranberries...
I found a most helpful looking apple chart..
and lets not forget
our three cups of very hot...
smoldering in fact..
apple cider!


Heading north we stopped at the
Galley Hatch
for lunch
then headed up the coastline to
York, Maine.

There we
stood our ground
against Mother nature,
kept our footing in the wind and took pictures
as we visited the
"Nubble" lighthouse on
Cape Neddick.
Across the water..
approximately 6 1/2 mile you can just see the
Boon Island lighthouse

That evening everyone
was toasty and warm inside away from the wind..


Saturday morning the sun broke through ,
and we had an unwelcome visitor..
A Great Blue Heron..
seemed to want to feast at our pond...
however, two determined
Great Pyrenees Puppies had other thoughts
as to it dinning on their goldfish!!
They have kept the
"pterodactyl" like giant bird from gorging...
(it is persistent and is still coming around..sitting on the top of the house,
or just out of snouts reach on the other side of the fence...)
the flying dinosaur must have a wing spread that would
be the envy of any small plane!!!

Brunch was had at
and a guided tour of the new
3rd floor of the Shoal's building
at the
Portsmouth Regional Medical Center****

Then the four of us headed
down to
Portsmouth Harbor..
Today, and today alone
"Friends of the Lighthouse"
were having an open house..
not only could we walk around it...
we got to climb up and stand around the great
lights globe...
while there I flipped the camera over to movie
so that we might all hear the words of our host and guide..
take a listen as you have a look around the light house
from up top..
the harbor is surrounded by four forts..
due to it's importance
in shipping and commerce
especially during the big wars...

After coming away from the lighthouse we
walked around the grounds
and ended up in
Fort Constitution..
Previously known as
"Castle William and Mary"
by the Brits
back in the 1600's.
Before Paul Revere made his "famous" ride,
on December 13 1774
Paul Revere road from Boston, Mass.
Portsmouth NH,
coming to warn the New Hampshire colonist
that British troops
were moving from Boston to reinforce
Castle William and Mary.
100's of colonist from
Portsmouth, Rye and New Castle
advanced on the fort
under the command of John Sullivan,
they fought
one British Commander and five men.
They removed and hid nearly
one hundred barrels of gun powder,
fifty rifles and
sixteen small cannon .
Royal Governor John Wentworth issued
an arrest warrant,
but it was of no use in wake of the
revolutionary fever sweeping the land.
Under free American occupation
Castle William and Mary would be renamed...
Fort Constitution.
When making a statement to the others about
a "ghost" in a couple of my pictures taken
at the
"Sentry's quarters"
at the time I had no knowledge that
"Ghost Hunters"
the tv show had been there the previous season..
looking for
reported apparitions...
(just learned of this today.."googling"
for the forgotten name of the other lighthouse
stumbling across it rather by accident..
it caused me to experience a quickening of the
old heart muscle...
you look and see what you think for yourself..
as for me..
well,... anything could be possible...

After leaving the Portsmouth Harbor we head downtown,
roll down Bow street..
Past the "River House Restaurant"
then take a right down what appears to be an alley
down by the river..

down this narrow alley
we come upon
a little shop...
above the door the building is sporting a
surprizingly "Purple"
ice cream cone..

It's Annabelle's
Ice Cream Parlor!
Does Michael know me or what?
Inside chalk boards and dry marker boards
cover the parlor listing one cold , creamy
confection after another...
I finally chose New Hampshires Maple Walnut..
no recolection of what anyone else
only that when all was said and done ,
there was a whole lot of
Licking and Slurrping
followed by moans of delight..
Do we love ice cream!!
Even when it's
cold outside!!
and it was still cold!!

Saturday night...
Thibodeaux is ready to help...
and as Cathy has learned...

He is always a big help..

Bags were weighed..
luggage shifted from this bag
to that..
all weighed appropriate amounts..
even with a few of
New Hampshires
granite rocks included....
Sunday morning...
Breakfast at
"Mama D's"
then down the beach road...
past Rye,past Hampton
Seabrook and into Massachusetts...
on down into Boston
to Logan airfield where we will watch
Mary and Cathy
check their bags with the Sky Cap
and wave good bye...

Now, actually getting on the plane..
well, that will have to be another story for another time..
Lord willing and the creek don't rise.
What fun I have had on their vacation!!!
I can't wait till they take another!


The McAbee's said...

Love the picture of both doggies snuggled up together....SO CUTE!!! The one that they are looking in the door at you....I get those same looks when I am at home...lol

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