Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Apples, Football and Puppies

In October
we celebrate one birthday!


This coming week end
Mary and Cathy Jean will be arriving
at Logan International airport
in Boston,
there we will pick them up
and head further north
to New Hampshire...
over the next week we will be traveling around
New Hampshire and Maine,
seeing the sights , sampling the fare and
encountering many of the locals...
which has got me to thinking about the
local dialect ...
In the southern most parts of our
United States
we speak with an accent or dialect,
if you will,
that would rival any song bird..
Now in the tri-state area of
Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire
they might not sing quite the same
yet, in it's own way it too is somewhat lyrical ..
just to a slightly different tune..
At first to a southern ear it is hard to decipher
some of the words or the meanings of some phrases
when put together and spoken by these folk ..
but, with some studying and close attention
I have learned to ,
if not always totally understanding,
enjoy the lyrics of this slightly off beat
Northern New England folk song...

Taking a quick look at the northern New England accent
you will find they tend to drop they "r"s
replacing it with an "a-h"
(this happens only at the end of a syllable, not at the beginning.)
So when talking about the "park" they will say
Now, if the word ends in an r as in
"er", "ir", or "or"they seem to put in a "y" sound..
in case of an e ,i ,o they put in a "w"before the final "ah"
Such as "theyah" not there "deeyah not deer"doh-wah" instead of door.
Now, don't go fretting over those dropped R's
oh, no they were not lost!
For, these Nor'easterner's are a frugal lot..
Ayuh, ifn' they drop that r
they'll scoop it right up and put it in their pocket for safe keepin'!
Only to bring it out and insert it in words where you
least expect it!
If you listen quite closely you will notice
some of those r's ending up on the end
of words that should for all good intentions be ending
with an "a"...
The capital city of
New Hampshire is Concord..
but if you ask it will be
"KON-k'd N'Hampshah"
in the country of
just north
these "ar"s are pronounced "er".
The "ing" at the end of a word is shorted to in'..
As for some of the local isms
I could not tell you about this areas
forms of speech without mentioning a few words
such as:
Wicked: bad/evil (same as any where else)
In northern New England ..well depending on the words put with it and the
undertones used..why it can be extremely bad or over the top GOOD..
It is essentially an intensifier and may be used like "ayuh"in a positive or negative way..
or even matter-of-fact..
to make it harder..
they won't even say the word that wicked is to intensify

Ayuh : can also be used as both positive or negative

Bubblah : (bubbler) a water or drinking fountain

Legitamate: Two or a couple of...

Like buttah: (like butter) smooth, fine, good..
All set?: Are you ready? Are you done? Are you finished?

Right straight out: Real busy

Now, I have only been here off and on for around a year,
and do not get out and amongst the locals each and everyday..
But, when I do I have found that as a whole
most of the people here and about
are very nice and a true joy to talk to.
On many a Sunday morning
Michael and I will venture over to Maine for brunch
at the "Sun Rise Grill"
here I enjoy sitting quietly in the midst of all the
hustle and bustle
listening to all the locals carry on
their Sunday morning conversations...
not to ease drop into their private thoughts and business...
just to hear them talk!


This past week was a quiet week for us
on Wednesday I visited the Rye's Farmers Market..
coming home with some locally made goat milk soap..
and a small pie..
(don't forget the PIE)

Every few days or so we have had some rain..
so when the sun would come out
the puppies have enjoyed the dry deck
and the cooler temperatures.

Saturday morning we got up to rain...
We had planned a trip to the apple orchard..
no, no not to pick apples..
you could if you wanted to..
but, they do sell them already picked and sacked..
but, the rain did not hold us back..
the reason we were headed to Applecrest Farms

on this cold and rainy day


not the pumpkins...

I am afraid not the apples...

but for the..

Apple Cider Donuts!

"Wicked good!"

Michael got busy in the kitchen
putting together a
"wicked big" pot of home made chili...
(hey,...I opened the Frito's)
to accompany his afternoon football extravaganza!!!
First, Alabama played...somebody
..oh, yeah Kentucky..they had pretty blue
then Georgia and LSU
and then later that evening
Auburn beat Tennessee
He had a full day of football planned!!

then Sunday morning coffee and donuts
accompanied his football reading...

Miss Bo-Bo likes to be my secretary..
holding down the printer and on
many occasions pushes assorted buttons
to take care of various jobs..
however this morning..
being that she is working with Michael
she must think she has been promoted to
Executive Assistant..
Oh,who am I trying to kid..
we are ALL
Her assistants!!!

The Puppies check in on the Daddy...

take a gander out the door...

check on the Momma...

must have needed a closer look!

(He just can't help being so cute!)

Following are three short movies...
first the puppies are playing
second , it continues till they hear Daddy driving up
and third Daddy comes in the door..
Someday I will find a program that will let me edit these little clips!
and that will be way to much fun!!!
As for now, I hope you enjoy these little moments of our lives!


This up coming week holds :

  • Mayflower II and Plymouth rock
  • Foliage Train ride into the mountains
  • Shaker Village
  • Lighthouse visiting
  • Downtown Portsmouth , the Strawberry Banke, & Kittery
  • Maine antiquing and just plain out shopping
  • Seeing the North eastern coastline
  • eating out
  • eating in,
  • and a whole lot of visiting!!!

If I left anything out...

I hope Mary and Cathy bring the list...


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