Monday, October 19, 2009

"Pilgrimage" to Plymouth

October eleventh,
in the year of our Lord,
Two thousand aught nine..
our weeks adventures
started to roll out before us... a hearty meal was needed to
get the ball rolling..
so we stopped in at the
Schoolhouse Cafe.
Everyone was filled to the brim...
then on the road to
Coming around the bend in the road
toward the harbor...
ahead at the docks
you can't miss the sight of the
Mayflower II
(a full scale reproduction of the original..
it was built in Brixham,England and sailed the
Atlantic ocean to her new home in Plymouth in 1957..
just as the original Mayflower did in 1620.
No motors, no chase boats just wind, sails and sailors!

I must apologize ,
for here I will take a short cut and give you a link to Wikepedia
in order to read more about the Mayflower..
Today ,
after a week of adventures, is a day of catch up..
housework, laundry, blogging and rest...

Walking from our parking spot the first
inhabitant of the "Plimouth Park"
we encounter is
William Bradford
first Governor

could that be...
looking over to the dock...

Some of Mary's pictures,
as the one above and below,
will be helping to tell the story of
how we spent our days...

On board and below decks

Aye, aye, Cap'an!

a few Pilgrim's are aboard ship
to help us understand
what life was like for them
on their voyage
some little girls were fascinated!!
as was I...
I would love to dress up
and pretend to live in another time..
and they get paid for it , too!

Mary, inspects the ship..

crow's nest

As we leave the ship ,
heading back around the bank,
we stop
to take a quick gander at the
"Plymouth Rock"

Above you see what is left of
Plymouth rock...
the tip of a Large granite bolder,
sitting in the harbor..
supposedly used to disembark
the Mayflower..
the story goes that in the year
an attempt was made to move the rock ashore
for easier viewing..
they broke the rock...
after many a year of mistreatment by
John Q. Public..
tourist and looky-lou's
chipped pieces off of the rock for
it was decided to move the rock yet again
this time by a team of twenty oxen
to its resting place in a special building..
where as the rock yet again
felt the harsh treatment
of the movers and once again was broken..
Plymouth rock has been broken,
and broken again,
cemented back together, moved, dropped and broken again...
and stamped with the year 1620 .
At last ,
the rock was moved to its
resting spot where we find it today..
sitting at sea level
in a Roman Doric Portico
so that we might gaze upon it ,yet not touch..
Leaving Plymouth we head north
to New Hampshire...
Supper will be eaten at "Petey's",
an early set alarm will get us up and going in the morning,
heading for the hills we will ride the foliage train
and hunt for covered bridges!
I will try to post on the blog every couple of days,
in order to catch up
before more adventures take place*
So check back in soon for the next instillation.....
Many, Many, Many pictures were taken...
and a whole lot of laughing was done..
nothing could be more
exciting than having fun filled adventures
with family !
* more adventures are waiting just around the bend..
Watch out South Carolina
here we come!

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