Friday, October 16, 2009

Peek into the Whirlwind

This week has been a whirlwind!!!
"And we ain't done yet!"
So I thought for those of you,
that might be chomping at your bits
to have a look at what has been going on
I would take a moments time,
download a "few" pictures ,
just to give you an idea of what it has been like
and then next week after all is said and done,
when everything and everyone is
in their own prospective comfy spot and ready to really
look back on the time that was...
then I will download more of the pictures chronicling
this weeks adventures..
but, until then...
let's take an edited version of a sneak peek at what's gone on so far...
Sunday, Michael and I
loaded up and headed to
Logan Int. airport in Boston.
There we retrieved
Mary and Cathy
flying in from Alabama.
Then headed south instead of north..
we stopped for lunch at
"The Old Schoolhouse Cafe"
followed by a trip
into Plymouth , Mass.
to board the
Mayflower II
and take a quick gander
at the
Plymouth Rock.
Monday morning
came bright and early
our morning hot teas
followed by a drive into the mountains
for an autumnal foliage train ride...
we had a most excellent time!

After which we typed some partial addresses
into the "talking lady"
and headed out in search of covered bridges..
over hill ,over dale
around "Chip & Dale", through the woods and over
dirt roads..
our quest took us till we would come down to the river
where we would find the sought treasures.

Tuesday, was spent in Portsmouth and Kittery..
eating brunch at the
"Friendly Toast" followed a trip to Maine for
outlet shopping...
We barely made it home in time for supper !
(which ended up around 8pm..again) Wednesday, we headed back up the seacoast as far an Portsmouth..
stopping in at "Strawberry Banke"
a historical village museum..
the oldest house dating back to 1695..
above Cathy and Mary stand in front of this house.

the gardens in the back also contained
Russet Apple trees...

As our tour continued,
several hours later we came to
the Goodwin house where we were greeted by Mrs. Goodwin
(an interpreter, of course)
the wife to a prominent merchant, member of the state legislature ,
and Governor for two terms..
there she caught us up to speed on their life and how they lived
in her time..
...which we were visiting...

In the back,

she joined us in the green house

with many an interesting fact..

and many questions were answered

across the road in

"Prescott Gardens"

many more flowers were gazed upon.

Thursday morning

we headed north through New Hampshire

to visit

the Shaker Village

in Canterbury...

With these few pictures to wet your

appetites we will say good bye

for a few days..

this morning no alarms were set and no schedule made..

where to???

who knows,

the apple farm? the 1700's book store?


Who's to say ..

one more cup of tea and then we will see....

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