Thursday, October 1, 2009

High school football, Mama turns another year younger and a few things southern ..that about covers it.

Last Friday, Michael and I ventured out
to join in the festivities
at a local high school football game.
Really not knowing what to expect,
many stories have floated around
accounting for the differences
in football enthusiasm
from the deep south
and the extreme north east.
All the same,
I had asked Michael if at some time we could go
and cheer for Benny and Juran's boy,
Maybe, before the Canadian winds started to howl
or before the first snow fall..
So on this brisk fall afternoon
toward the end
of September we donned
our sweaters and socks,
put the pups outside..
bade them to guard the yard...
or in other words
watch out for any of those crazy turkeys
or wandering moose!
and headed to Portsmouth..

We took the scenic route,

down by the beach into town

stopping for a nice refreshing meal

at the Blue Mermaid...

Then on over to

Portsmouth High School,

home of the


Upon arrival the first thing that

presented itself as different

from the south...

there was no charge to get in the front gate!

"The" table was set up and "the" lady was standing behind it..

but as for your money

why she didn't want it...

that is unless you would like to buy

a program or a can of bug spray!

Even though I felt deeply compelled to lay at least a couple of dollars in her hand,

I did not want a program or a can of bug spray..

Although the bug spray did way heavily on my mind

with the EEE virus still around till the first heavy frost!

But, Michael and I continued on to the stands,

at six fifty

they were sparsely populated and

no familiar faces were detected.

Fear of heights has kept me pretty grounded all

these years..

on a few occasions I have ventured up into the ozone..

(or as you will the "nose bleed sections!")

the "Who" concert comes to mind...

yet , that was a concrete, well built, coliseum...

on this occasion I blindly followed Michael

up and on up a set of bleachers,

that seemed to creek and wiggle way more than my liking!

Yet, here I was and on up we went!

After a short while more and more spectators began to come in the front gate..

and join in on the autumnal high school football clamor...

We saw Rosie, Aviel, and Exar

who joined us..

and later Benny, Frankie, and Cory

sat close by for awhile..

It was home coming for the Clippers

and started out promising to be a good game!

Even though the first touchdown did put me

in mind of almost ALL of "my" high school football experiences...

It was made by the other team!!!


this might not be could even turn out


all through school to the best of my recollection

our team lost!!

One year for homecoming

we were actually ahead 20 to nothing

at half time!!!

Oh, the fevered celebrations we envisioned!

The victory would be glorious!

The dance would be spectacular!

The next week would be filled with pep and joy!!!

and then..

the great and wonderful

Albertville High School Marching Band

left the field..

and the boys came rushing back out

greeted with

cheers and whistles,

stomping and applause ...

We bought our hot Dr.Peppers and giant dill pickles.

We gobbled our popcorn

followed along with the cheer leaders

and we sang our fight song at the top of our lungs!!

Two quarters later...

we left the stadium...

shuffling our feet and whimpering..

something about

"maybe..just maybe ,next week.."

The little school from some small, tiny

unheard of hamlet..

had come to our town

and as the old saying goes..

"not only did they steal our lunch..but, they ate it too"


but, the year after graduation

news came around that my dear old Alma mater

was headed for State!!!

So, what did I do but,

get all bundled up and head on down to the stadium!!

After that long and dreary night,

I have not returned to jinx the decedents

of those that chose to stay in our town...

and on occasion I hear a whispering


"how good the school boys are doing in football.."

Yes..all this slipped through my mind

as I sat watching the "other" team

answer each of Portsmouths touchdowns with one of their own..

The sun quickly set and the air became very cool..

maybe gloves and boots should have been worn...

no frost predictions had been made for that night..

but, darn if I had been a mosquito , there would be no

buzzing around in that frigid night air!

At half time ,

they apparently have little bitty boys


it was wee-wee or pee-wee but not fireplug..

and then Portsmouth Band would entertain..

At this time Michael and I took our leave,

exiting the crowded creaking stands..

and headed back to Rye for the evening..

The pups had successfully held down the fort..

there was no evidence of moose or crazy


the next day Mike got an email..

from Benny...

the boys had played a very good game and forging

ahead beat that "other" team..

It had been a good game and a better second half...


Do you think I should ever tell them...

who to thank for leaving at half time???

On that Sunday evening
in Alabama
my Mama and several of her
decedents gathered at
Ryan's Steak House
for her annual birthday celebration..
New Hampshire being as far as it is
kept me away this year as it did last year..
but, my sister Elizabeth was sweet enough to share
some of her pictures with me..
so I will pass them along in the form of this slide..
Happy Birthday Mama!!


In the coming weeks,

(not this one but the next)

my sister Mary and her daughter Cathy Jean

are coming to spend a week with us...

we have plans for each and everyday..

sight seeing and gallivanting!!

I look forward to this time and hope to share many pictures

and stories with you!


And lastly..

how about a thing or two "truly" southern..

  • knowing that "gimme sugar" don't mean ..pass the sugar.
  • When you are "fixin' to" do something , it won't be long
  • knowing the difference between a "hissie fit" and a "conniption"
  • How many collards make up a mess
  • The difference between "pert near" and "right far"
  • Daddy's belt is good for more than just holding up his britches
  • knowing what "pot licker" is
  • knowing what she means when an older woman says
  • "Don't you SASS Me , now!"
  • knowing when "by and by" is
  • Not going snipe hunting twice
  • You know the difference between "pert near" and "right far piece"
  • "Just down the road" could be a mile or twenty miles
  • Never assume the other car with it's blinker on is actually going to turn
  • Southerners know the difference between a "good ol' boy", a "redneck" and "trailer trash"
  • a southerner can point in the general direction of "yonder"
  • When friends and neighbors have "troubles" the thing to do is take over a plate of fried chicken and a bowl of cold potato salad..if it's a add banana pudding.
  • If you hear someone say.."I caught myself looking.." you know they are southern
  • If you are Southern and if some old lady is driving down the road at 25 miles an don't shout obscenities or flip fingers at just pass her and say "Why , bless her heart."
  • real gravy doesn't come from the store
  • a good dog is worth it's weight in gold
  • and a southerner knows just how Good a cold grape Nehi and cheese crackers are in a country store!

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