Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Alabama, Chapter Two

Chapter Two:
Reaching our destination,
Michael fits Aunt Carries rocker,
noisy toys,and a baby bed.
Uncle Paul, Carousel, and

Well after the sun sets
on the second day of driving
and crying songs,
well into the dark of night
we pulled into our destination in

We rolled out of the truck
and lumbered
up the porch steps at
Mam-maw & Pap-paw Ryan's..
Backs frozen in a crook,
hips locked,
knees barking..
we went in to handshakes,
neck hugs and greetings called out..
the thing that counteracted
each and every ache and pain
brought on by hours of

was the exuberant Glee
heaped upon us
by young

A musical virtuoso in the making

Up at the house,
Aunt Carries little rocker
was pulled out and
was a
perfect fit!
A trip to "Wally-world"
always a must!
You will need some milk and other staples
while in town..
Don't forget a
Caterpillar truck thing..!

"Can you get it open, Papa?"

"See this button..right here? "
It makes it go
"Caterpillar Power..
Caterpillar Power,
honk, honk,honk,honk,
backup beep, backup beep, beep, beep,beep
varoom, varoom, varoom.."
over & over & over
Little boys sure do like
A couple of years ago Aunt Fredas
youngest grandchild out grew sleeping in
a baby bed..
So she so sweetly handed down
the bed she kept
for the grand babies to sleep in when
they visited..
After a couple of years of waiting,
we finally got to put it up
in Alabama
for our grand baby!!!

It really tickled Michael when
his Ba-ba and Papa
put up another bed..just for him!

Thank you so much Aunt Freda!!!

The next morning ,
our men,
sit on the futon, eating
Little Debbie dunkin' sticks
accompanied by
assorted coffees and a
sippy of milk!

Making plans for the day...

First, on the list
after everyone has had time to bathe..
Off we will all go
to the local beauty shop...
There, Michael will get to meet
Mary ,
she will cut Papas hair
and then give Gamma the works!
(It sure was good to get my eye brows waxed!!!
even if she did have to go to the
barn after the
While, Gamma was getting her hair done
off to "Williams" for brunch..
went the other 4..
along the way,so I am told,
Michael kept trying to tell them...
"Gamma! (you left) Gamma!"
After miracles were worked in the
beauty shop...
Gamma was retrieved
"Look , Michael, here she is!"
and off we headed to Birmingham,
Plans included seeing Pat, Gammas long time friend,
Uncle Paul..Papa & Gammas long,long time friend,
going to the Galleria & eating at Dreamland!

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men,
Pat was unable to meet us,
so we went on down
the road and saw Paul..
He has not changed at all...
a few years older,
but still Paul...
after we left I kicked myself..
for having left the camera in the truck..
so here is a younger Paul..
(28 years and 11months younger)
just add a few wrinkles,
and a few pounds..
(just like all of us)

Next stop, the Galleria,
Where Mama & Ba-ba want to go to
the "Alabama" store..
we also went to the Auburn
Then a ride on the carousel!

Oh, Boy!


What to order?
Is there really a question?
Ribs, ribs and a few more ribs...
some mac & cheese!!!,
beans and slaw.

Michael, is doing such a good job,
not only,
eating real food..
but, feeding himself.
Boy, does that tike LOVE
Mac & Cheese!

What 'cha got there ,Papa?
You think I could try a bite?

That's Good!
Hey, Michael
do you want
"Banana Pudding?"


"Hey, Baba and Mama I really like this Alabama!"

Here as we leave the 'ham
and drive back to north
I will end chapter 2 of
Thanksgiving in Alabama..
In a day or two..
chapter 3
Mam-maw Kadle & Aunt Elizabeth,
Aunt Mary and Uncle Doyle
Cathy Jean and Eric
and a gathering of cousins..
Chapter 4
and all those Ryan
Aunts & Uncles
and cousins , too!
guess who gets to
ride the

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