Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The first chapter of the Thanksgiving post is published..
but, staying with true form posted..
under the "Please Stand By" posting..
Yes..I have been struggling with this program
for two days trying to get it right..
and have been this close a couple of times..only to
loose the whole deal..
so please bare
with me and just struggle through the wide spacing...
after awhile I am afraid the pictures are pretty far apart..
but, if you will follow it all the way
to the end ..the last picture is
a really good one..
I am going to take a day or two away from this torture device
and have some fun..
dusting and mopping
in order to start decorating for
The next couple of postings..will be pictures taken at
home in Alabama visiting
with family and friends..
and did we ever have a wonderful time!
I just wish we had had more time to see everyone and see them all
for more than the short time we got to spend with each of them..
Oh yeah, and there will also be pictures
of Michael W. Hall
on his first trip to
I hope even with all the wide spaces
you see something you like and enjoy it..
We enjoyed the drive..
Good Night..D.

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