Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving :Chapter three

Wednesday morning , we all got up and got ready
for a ride over to Marshall county
where Michael W. Hall
would finally meet his Great-grandmother
Mam-maw Kadle.
But first a quick "chore"
putting up the tractor...

Michael investigating Mam-maws phone

We tried to make a picture with
4 generations...

Mama & Baby

Elizabeth came over to the house to see us
& meet Michael..she has been practicing
camera avoidance..
and did a very good job..
we were already back in Rye before I realized
she was not in a single picture..
I do have a copy of a picture taken at Mamas last
Birthday extravaganza!
Elizabeth brought us some Muscadine jelly
she put up this summer!!!
It sure is good and helps add a little
southern sunshine to a cold
Rye day!
She also gave Michael a sack full of books!
Thanks Elizabeth!!
We did not get to see my brother Lawrence
and his wife Jimmie..
Wish we could have!
Lawrence & Jimmy
(Same birthday party)
We also did not get to meet young
Zachary Noah Slaten
due to his being such a tender
young age..
we will catch up with him later..
but, I thought I would also
insert a picture of him on his birthday
with his Granny Slaten
and one of him
during thanksgiving
Mr. Zachary

When we got to Mary & Doyles
we were treated to
pecan pie a la mode
& apple brown betty.

Michael "loved"
Apple Brown Betty!
And Aunt Marys Chicken & Dumpling's*
*(Mary makes the Best Chicken and Dumplings
in the world...
And believe me, I have tried a few!)
Cathy Jean and Eric
came to visit , too.

Uncle Doyle came into a big
Welcome home
Cathy Jean and Eric brought
Michael a book that the
Thank you Cathy!
We had to say "goodbye"
and get back on the road..
Gennifer was coming up to the house that afternoon
and we were behind schedule...
I like the fact that we,
now have,
the George Jetson "stuff"
like the web cam..
however, I still wait with great
anticipation on
"beam me up, Scottie!"
On the way back to Cullman county
I got a phone call from my
niece Cheryl..
she, her daughter Amber, & Richard (Amber's husband)
came to visit...they got there about the same time as Gennifer..
We all sat around ,
some in the old porch rockers ,
some on the futon..
(I had put together on the last trip home...
O.K. so maybe its put together a little
upside down...or backwards, and its hard to get out of..
Hey, at least there is something to sit on...
you can quit snickering now ,Cheryl...)
We had a big time talking and laughing and
telling stories!
Cheryl, Amber and Richard
brought Michael a gyrating reindeer
that sings "Felice Natividad"
if you push his hand..
but, be careful
if you grab it by the ear...
it Squeals like a pig!
Thanks y'all!
And thank you for the pecans, too!

Gennifer grew up across the field..
she was a big help in keeping
"the path"
worn down..
She was like one of my own...
She brought 2 beautiful
she had made ,
one for Michael & one for us..
of pictures taken of
Michael and Chloe since
Felice & Bill
first got Michael home!!
I will always treasure mine!
Thank you Darlin"!!
Michael was ready to "eat" supper...
Come to find out Mary
had sent Chicken and dumplings
with us!
Warmed up with 1/2 a banana
on the side and
Thank you Mary!!!

next time Michael will have
a play Buddie...

Company left..
Ba-ba & Mama went to town,
Michael stayed with Papa and Gamma..
Cheerios makes a wonderful
"sack mix"
Michael, shared some with his Papa!

This entry has seemed quite a bit like a large
Thank you card...
We did have a wonderful trip home and so
enjoyed seeing everyone!
Now I need to jump up , start laundry,
(after all it is Monday)
and move some furniture around
so we can have a place for the tree
and see the fire place...
Next entry will be Thanksgiving Day
with "my other side"
The Ryans!
We had a great time that day, too!
yesterday it snowed all day..
turned out to be little more than a dusting,
we went to a local tree farm and cut our first live
tree in years..
(the things you do for children!)
pictures will follow after Thanksgiving is through..
this morning we got up to 9F..with
wind chill -8!!
"OH, I Wish I Was in Dixie...."
Love to all of y'all!!!

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