Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving : Chapter Four

Thanksgiving at Mam-maw & Pap-paw Ryan's

As we arrive at Mam-maw and Pap-paws ,
Coach has come over
with a Thanksgiving greeting..
We are so glad to see him feeling better than the last time
we were home!!!We look forward to him and Nancy coming up to visit!

Inside the kitchen,
we find Justin with a big grin..
I have a feeling the
turkey day game plan was under way !

Mam-maw and Sabrina
discuss a recipe

Rebecca arrives emanating
Daniel pondering the kitchen

Graham had wisdom teeth removed but,
a few short days ago ..
no turkey enjoyment for him..
he does not stay long but is off with his
girlfriend to her families gathering...
He also has grown up to be
a very hansom
young man.

Russel mans the Turkey deep fryer...
how many was it?


One , for the Ryan crew
One, for Coach
One, for Russel's house
One, for a friend..
Russ does a great job of
dunkin' that bird!
Up in New Hampshire they would say
it was
"Wicked Awesome!"

Papa & Ba-ba wave as Michael ponders
what the hold up is
he is ready
to sit and eat...

The blessing was said...

Michael always claps after the blessing..
He waited as long as he could..
(I am afraid ,
he thought Uncle Chris
might be a little long winded..
and he had spied the sweet potatoes..

so ..

without much contemplation
the applause began.)

Matthew & Kelsey
looking good
on Thanksgiving!
The meal was grand!
Mam-maw had out done
Everyone ate till
we were ready to hibernate!

When Graham was a wee bit of a boy,
I don't really recall,
somewhere around two or three..
We gave him a
rocking horse...
Made out of the mahogany crates
marble was shipped in,
from Italy,
to the job in Ft. Lauderdale..
He is minus one tail..
due to alot of range riding!..
But, I have the feeling he will
grow another come this spring ..
Mee-mee and Timmy
brought it to share with Michael ,
they seemed to think Graham-bo
had out grown it..
Thanks Timmy & Mee-mee!
We can all sleep better
knowing that Sheriff Michael is in the saddle!

They brought the stick pony , too.

Timmy becomes a riding instructor...

Giddy up!
And there he goes!
Felice and Mee-mee enjoy the swing...
Becca has found a new friend!

Matt decides to try his hand
at bronco busting!
"Got some good lookin' glasses there Matt!!"
It was good to see Greg
Aunt Freda and Becca
Pap-paw ready for pictures

Rene' headed home..

Mee-mee and Felice,
just might have
been contemplating
demolishing someones

Greg, Tim & Uncle David
enjoying the afternoon sun,
and the company.
Wayman & Aunt Freda
discuss the unknown puppy

Michael says..
enough with the "cheese"
So I will close chapter four
of the Thanksgiving trip home.
chapter five.:
driving the tractor and heading back to Rye..
Its so good
to be a part of a large loving family,
kin by blood, by marriage
and by friendship!
I am so glad we got to visit
and see both sides
of my family
'cause I love 'em all!

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