Sunday, December 21, 2008

It started snowing on was just getting started..

Wednesday it snowed
about 3 to 4 inches ...
About mid day on
Friday it began to snow.. If I recall correctly..
they called for 8 to 10 inches

"They" said it would
on Saturday morning
with another storm on Sunday...

Saturday morning "they" said
we had received around
twelve inches...

our drive way

Chloe LOVES it!!
She is just like a child and
almost won't come in!!
I did talk to the vet about
how long it would be safe for her
(such a small hairless thing)
to stay out in this weather..
She said "she would be fine for around 2 hours"..
but, ya know...
then we might run the chance of
not being able to find her!

It snowed all day Saturday
and way into the night!
Sunday we got up and it snowed..
all day and into the late evening...
the pictures above are from
Friday and Saturday
at the house..
I will post more pictures taken
at the house and in town
Sunday and this morning...
** Sunday morning Michael
told his Dad
"This snow makes the snow at the
tree farm look like
the Hanceville city swimming pool
compared to the Atlantic Ocean!"

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